My new Wyze floodlight is a big let down!

I just installed a Wyze floodlight several weeks ago, and I agree with the others who’ve stated that it’s easily triggered to turn on at night. I can’t aim the camera at the full length of my driveway because the floodlight turns on all the time at night due to headlights from vehicles driving by my house. I’ve tried everything to reduce the floodlight from triggering, but the only thing that works is pointing the floodlight camera down, aimed directly in front of my garage which defeats the purpose of having a security camera in the first place. I subscribed to Cam Plus thinking that the “AI” setting would help eliminate false triggers…WRONG! You don’t get any event recordings if you just select “Smart” person detection. You also need to select the camera to detect “motion” for it to record an event, and that’s the problem. It doesn’t matter if the motion sensitivity level is set to low, or how your detection zone is set up…the fact is, the floodlight will turn on at night by any change in pixels that the camera detects. That means a vehicle’s headlights will always cause the floodlights to go on, no matter what the settings are in the app. I’ve read all the suggestions on this forum, and have spent the last week fiddling with the settings every which way, but nothing prevents the floodlight from turning on due to headlights. As I stated earlier, I have the floodlight camera aimed directly in front of my garage door, which does absolutely no good for security, but at least my neighbors don’t have to put up with my floodlight turning on every 5 minutes because of a passing car. I should’ve believed all the 1 and 2 star reviews on Amazon. This purchase was a BIG mistake.


Another one bites the dust Wyze !

What’s your floodlight set to ? Send screenshots of you settings . Click on the v3 camera > gear icon > scroll down to accessories > floodlight and screenshot the floodlight settings .

For the camera , try reducing the camera detection motion sensitivity. Also block off the road or areas that cars headlights trigger the camera

I have my floodlight set to turn on only by pir sensor detection yet when my camera gets triggered by any motion it’ll trigger on the floodlight … it’s supposed to only turn on when motions detected by the pir sensor . Cars headlights constantly trigger mine on as well

Try reducing the pir sensor range and set the sensitivity to LOW. Also try pointing the pir sensor downwards and away from the road

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Thanks for your reply, but I’ve done all that. I’ve adjusted my detection motion sensitivity all the way down to 1, and the floodlight would STILL turn on. I’ve set the camera with both the motion detection and the PIR sensor turned on…I’ve turned the PIR sensor off…I’ve adjusted the PIR sensitivity from 5% to 50%…I totally blocked off the street with the detection zone, and this camera would STILL turn on because of a vehicle’s headlights. The only way I stopped the floodlights from constantly turning on at night, is with the camera aimed at just my vehicles, which are parked in front of my garage door. It’s better than nothing, but the whole purpose of this camera was to capture footage of a car driven by an intruder who broke into one of our vehicles, or stole a package from our front porch. This floodlight design is a FAIL. The engineers dropped the ball. They should’ve designed a camera for this floodlight that ONLY used an AI detection setting which would’ve totally eliminated this problem. Instead, they made it so that this camera only records an event if the “motion” sensor is also turned on. This motion sensor, as you probably already know, gets triggered when it detects a change of pixels in the camera’s live feed. The headlight of a passing car that lights up a section of my driveway, or reflects off one of my parked vehicles, triggers the damn floodlight to turn on because of this. I thought that by purchasing the CAM PLUS package, these false triggers wouldn’t happen because of the AI technology, but they linked it with the motion sensor on the camera! You don’t have to be an engineer to see that this design defeats the whole purpose of paying for the use of an AI detection setting. It simply doesn’t work at all!

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Are you saying that the floodlight is set to turn on when by both camera motion and pir sensor detection ?

Turn off the camera detection and only keep the pir sensor detection on .

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Absolutely the most difficult product from Wyze to manage and very few controls. I can’t monitor my entire driveway because of traffic, I can’t use my camera to monitor motion because it will alert when it rains, this is completely worthless to me. I’ll never catch a package thief or the a$$hat that decides to break into my truck because I’m so alert deaf now that I won’t ever see it. And if I reduce the distance and sensitivity it will never alert when someone walks up the drive. Ask me how I know. Person detection? HAH None of this works the way it should and is advertised to.


There’s no way to just turn off the camera’s motion detector and only keep the PIR sensor on. In the Event Recording screen, if you turn off “Detects Motion,” the “Filter by PIR Sensor” option disappears (2nd pic below). You’re forced to turn on the motion detector in order to receive any notifications of movement (3rd pic below). Like I said, this is a FAILED design.

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I feel your pain. Believe me…I tried EVERY possible adjustment. This is a FAILED design. Customer service knows this is a problem too. You can’t stop the camera from detecting pixel changes at night because you need for the motion sensor to be turned on in order to receive Cam Plus notifications, and to use the Cam Plus AI Smart Detection feature (see my comment with the attached screenshots). Like you stated, there’s no way you can aim the camera higher to cover your entire driveway without the floodlight going on every time a vehicle’s headlights is detected by the camera’s motion sensor. You can fiddle with the settings until hell freezes over…NOTHING works. I care about my neighbors, so I had to aim my camera down. It’s a worthless piece of garbage.

Seeing all the issues with the Floodlight makes me happy I decided NOT to buy one. Have enough detection issues with the regular cameras and don’t need the headache of a light going on and off all night.


When the floodlight camera first came out their was a super annoying bug where whenever you opened the live view of the floodlight v3 the floodlights would automatically turn on , every single time that lasted for about 4-5 months

I’ve been shouting from the mountain top for over 1 year now about the issues with the floodlight and no one bats and eye !! It’s like Wyze totally forgot about the floodlight no FW updates since the beginning of the year .

The pir sensor on the floodlight is terrible ! My old dumb floodlights pir sensor was way better than this $100 floodlight cam combo !!!


No, this is for the camera .

What that settings is , if you read it carefully Is to reduce motion events triggering the camera .

So the camera will ONLY record an event when both the camera and the pir sensor detects motion, meaning for example like when you’re pulling into and out of your driveway or you’re walking in front of the pir sensor and both the pir sensor and camera will detect you and it’ll record an event . This helps to reduce useless recordings

But what I was talking about was to see how your floodlight is set to .

Follow these steps;

Open up the live stream of the floodlight v3 camera and click on the gear icon on the top right

Scroll down and click on accessories

Click on floodlight at the top right

Once you get to the floodlight settings , take a screenshot of your floodlight settings to see how you have the floodlight set to

So what it doesn’t allow is what the Outdoor models do, allowing PIR only to trigger a recording event / notification?

Now I’m all confused !! :rofl::rofl:

No, so the pir sensor can be used for both the camera recordings and to trigger on the floodlight

So for the event recording settings on the floodlight camera you get the option to record an event when the pir sensor detects motions this could be used to reduce all of those unwanted camera events being recorded by the v3 .

And of course the pir sensor is used to trigger on the floodlight .

I think they got confused when i told them to turn off camera detection bc when I first set up my floodlight the floodlight was set to turn on when both the camera and the pir sensor detected motion and so I told them to go to their FLOODLIGHT settings and turn off the camera detection for the floodlight if it happened to be on but he went to the camera event recording settings screen and turned the camera detection completely off

I understood what you said, but how the floodlight is set up in “accessories” isn’t relevant to this problem. Under the floodlight setting in accessories, I have the PIR setting checked to turn on when motion is detected. The PIR sensitivity setting is at 40, and the brightness level is set to 50. I’ve had the sensitivity setting as low as 10, but this did nothing to prevent the main problem. Like I stated earlier, the camera’s motion detector needs to be ON to capture recorded event clips for Cam Plus, irregardless of what settings you have for the PIR sensor on the camera, OR for the floodlight itself. If that motion detector is on, it will ALWAYS be triggered by pixel changes at night caused by headlights, which in turn causes the floodlights to go on. I appreciate all the tips you’ve given me, but trust me buddy, I’ve tried EVERYTHING to fix this issue. There’s simply no solution other than to aim the camera down, which cuts off about 80% of the coverage I wanted this security camera to monitor.

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But the PIR sensor and ONLY the PIR sensor? Because @shawmanfromny is indicating that it’s both camera sensor and PIR, or nothing, which leads to his or her issue.

The issue OP is having is that their floodlight is being triggered easily by motion .

So what I suggested was to go to their floodlight settings and check how the floodlight was set to turn on because when I first set up my floodlight the floodlight was set to turn on when the camera detects motion and also when the pir sensor detects motion

You get three options to trigger on the floodlight , you can toggle on both camera detection and pir sensor detection which is what happened to me when I first set up the floodlight camera . Camera detection for the floodlight was on thus causing the floodlights to get triggered on because the camera was getting triggered by motion

So I asked OP to check his floodlight settings and make sure that camera detection for the floodlight was OFF . Not to turn off the camera detection in the event recordings setting screen , I’m assuming OP misunderstood me

I have all the same issues except no neighbors so the only ones being annoyed by it besides me are the tractor trailers on the road 100 feet away that are setting it off to start with and they don’t care about how their noise annoys me so no problem but I’d like to point out that I also have motion sensor dusk to dawn floods on the house that also are triggered by movement of light so it’s not so much the camera problem as a question of physics in my opinion.

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I don’t have the flood light, but a number of cameras. In general, it is far better to separate the light source from the camera. Camera can be by garage doors, but the IR illuminator can be very close to what you actually want to see (side benefit is that it will also keeps bugs away from camera).

Same truly goes for flood lights. I have four flood lights up front (old school PIR sensors). A few Wyze cameras as well, but none mounted near a light. At night, cameras with IR filter on, will of course be totally saturated for a second or two when the flood light is triggered. That’s hard to impossible to overcome - unless you use V3 and have them set for ‘daylight’ only (which often still renders amazing video quality as long as you just have some tiny amount of ‘stray’ light.

I use only the PIR sensor and it works fine for me, not sure there is a camera floodlight that would not behave the same way, in order to detect, something needs to move or change or make a sound. These aren’t infra red detectors that I’m aware of. For my case I have a Solar motion light about 40-50 feet away and when the deer goes by and trips the Solar light, my garage sensor notices this and that’s what I want, I expect it to detect this movement by something or someone, heck it even detected a running Possum in the same area. Luckily I have no close neighbors, and if I did, oh well they would have to live with me detecting them making a change to my own house environment. I live in the country and seems I am on a flight path, and the Floodlight doesn’t detect these small planes or jets flying over, which is good. But having a flight path way over my house, isn’t good.

Have you found this to work? Been dealing with this for 5days. On & off supportmultip,e times. No answer. Submitted log. Nothing works. About ready to rip it down & return. Never had this much grief fro m a security cam.

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What is your floodlight set to?

Go to the v3 settings > scroll down to accessories > floodlight

What’s triggering your floodlight ? Cars headlights , bugs , rain, light changes ??