Floodlight issues no turning on at night

The floodlight will not come on at night if there is lights on in the area. It thinks it still daylight. Once I turned off our other security lights, the flood light works like it’s supposed to. Wish there was a fix for it.

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Try to put some electric black tape over the sensor, try a little at a time

Having the same issue. My old school motion light worked fine but the Wyze light won’t turn on unless it’s practically pitch black outside. Electrical tape might work but Wyze needs to address this. Lots of people have exterior lighting which shouldn’t interfere with basic functionality of the motion floodlight.

Copy did you try it

Rigged up some inelegant temporary cardboard shields as proof of concept. They worked. I still think this needs some type of solution from Wyze. The floodlight really shouldn’t require customization.

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This could likely be a software fix. You can schedule on/off for dusk/dawn but the light is constantly on. We need a schedule option which allows motion to trigger the light.

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You guys need to post your settings. A PIR sensor like the floodlight uses shouldn’t care about light in the area. Maybe you are using the camera to determine light?

The light sensor is likely inside the same dome that houses the PIR sensor.

Started a email chain with Wyze. Hopefully they will advise a solution

Having the same issue. Was anyone able to resolve this? Where is the dusk to dawn sensor located?

There should ideally be a simple setting to trigger floodlight for x seconds (timer) based on motion between a and b hours in the day instead of dusk to dawn sensor.


Wyze advised that they will address with the next firmware update.

I got a new update and mine works great now.

@akovalchin do you mean your floodlight turns on even when there is other landscape or wall lighting around? Is there a setting? Which version are you on?

Running for the cam and for the floodlight and it still won’t turn on when landscape lighting is on.

The light sensor is located on the right side of the dome (when you face the floodlight). I tried covering it and it works.

I can think of two potential fixes

  1. either provide an option to trigger the flashlight based on motion and keep it on for a set number of seconds. As of now, the former is available but not the latter.
  2. provide a way to tune the threshold at which the light sensor triggers the floodlight.

Your idea about motion triggering based on scheduled hours would be a perfect solution. I floated the same idea to the Wyze Rep helping me but I was basically told to add this to the Wishlist. Frankly I’m pretty frustrated at this point. I’m asking for their product to work as intended, not for extra functionality. My old school (10 year old) motion light worked better than this.


Yes. It works like it is supposed to.

Firmware version for camera
Firmware version for floodlight

Hope this helps. Once we updated to latest version it worked. Same thing as on my neighbors camera too.

I’m running both those firmwares and still having the same issue. Wyze advised that they are still working on a fix.

Now at on the floodlight firmware and it still isn’t working for me.

Same here. Installed under the eves of the roof and with our Xmas lights across the eves I have a feeling the Xmas lights are throwing it off. Will test more tonight as the light was just installed last night. Running firmware and