Wyze Floodlight Lights turn ON when I open the App

Exactly as the title says… whenever I open the Wyze App to view my 4 cameras simultaneously, the Wyze Floodlight lights come ON. They come on from 1-5 seconds after I open the App.

I have noticed there is a strange brief “flickering” on one or more camera view boxes as I open the App and view the 4 cameras together.

Having the lights come on EVERY time i open the app is quite annoying. This only started a few days ago. What the flying flip, Wyze?

Anyone else?


@peppercornfilm .
I am having the same issue. I tried to power cycle the light from the breaker, no luck. I power cycled the camera by disconnecting it from the floodlight, no luck.
My app is up to date and I just updated the floodlight, still no luck with opening the app and not having the floodlight turn on at night.


I just installed the wyze floodlight cam yesterday. Everything works great but I did notice that the flood light turns on when I open the app as well. This is if I have the flood light using the PIR sensor. If I use only the camera to trigger it on then it doesn’t turn on when I open the app.

I have Christmas lights above and below the light so I thought that might be throwing off the sensor but it is just weird that it only does it when the app is opened, so I don’t think it is that.

Hopefully this can be resolved because I would prefer to use the PIR sensor to trigger the light. It’s kind of annoying when it turns on just by opening the app.

I have 2 Floodlights and for some reason one of the settings was different:
Setting > Accessories floodlight (tap on installed) > Flood Light control. This should “FIX” your issue

@MauroS I’m not sure what you are referring to will"fix" anything. Could you give more detail? I understand that what you described will allow to change the settings. Our issue is the floodlight turns on every time you open the Wyze App. Unless you turn off the PIR sensor in the floodlight settings and use camera motion instead.

@gastaman32, Sorry I was in a hurry, I should give you more information. If the Floodlight control is ON, the floodlight turns on as soon as you open the APP. Like you, every time I opened the APP, one of my two floodlights had the same behavior you described. Auto or OFF have fixed my problem. I don’t know, but it should not work like that, maybe a bug or a poor decision to name the buttons.

This is my interpretation:
OFF= Floodlight start “OFF” and works with the schedule (i.e.: keep the floodlight off until xxxx time of the )
ON = Fooodlight start “ON” and work with the schedule. (i.e.: keep the floodlight on until xxxx time of the ) night
Auto= uses the sensor combination between PIR and Camera

BTW, you need to turn it OFF before going to AUTO.

I think the floodlight and spotlight Update that just came out remedied the problem

Edit: Nope, the update did not solve the problem. Come on WYZE

I’ve just installed my first floodlight camera and the lights never turn off, every !!
I’ve rebooted the device several times. I’ve tried all the light settings (off, on, auto) and still no difference.
The firmware version is and it indicates there’s an update to but it will not update. I’ve tried that several times now and it always fails. I think I got a bad one and it’s time to return it.

I just installed the floodlight and updated it. I’m having the same problem with the lights turning on when selecting the floodlight for LIVE view.

Is there a fix for this?


Unfortunately, this behavior appears to be how Wyze intended the floodlight to behave w/current firmware versions. I noticed when you are not viewing those cams in realtime from your phone app, their lights stay off and only turn on as programmed in the detection settings. As soon as you scroll down (in vertical view) or swipe to the next page of cams in a group (horizontal view) and the cams go live, their lights are made to trigger for 1 cycle of your light setting, but if you leave the live view up for a few minutes, the lights should turn back off (as long as you dont have them set to always be on).

The problem is scrolling or swiping between cams (if you have several like me) causes the damn floodlight to turn on and off as it comes in and out of realtime viewing.

This upsets me because my side yard looks like daylight with the starlight sensors but the lights ruin that. Also, if I were my neighbors, I might find it slightly annoying.

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I’m not sure if my problem is the same as wha you describe. My floodlights will flicker like a Morse code transmission. I have changed every setting to no avail. I have rebooted by turning the power off and on. Finally the lights turn on and don’t turn off. They ignore the app of having the light intensity at 50% (or any other app command). I increased the Wi-Fi signal by having all of my Wyze cams run off a mesh system. The app indicates that the floodlight has 2 out of 3 bars, Any ideas?

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I see the same behavior, but only for one of my two floods. I just purchased and installed these yesterday. They both have the same settings and the same firmware.

Actually the light turns on when select it and go to its live view. I turn the light off then go back to the device list … and it goes back on!

So there is no way to turn off the light other than to wait for the timeout.

I’ll return this one tomorrow and try another.

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I had that problem at the beginning. Have tried to change the light from auto to off and then out of the app?
Did change behavior once you are back in the app?

Same problem here the light turns on when viewing the camera In live mode. This only happens when you have the floodlight pir sensor set to turn the flood light on. If you set it to turn on only with camera movement it doesn’t act this way.
Please fix this wyze.

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I bought three more. Installed two. One of those two exhibits this behavior, the other works correctly.

Will swap out the bad one tomorrow. So far I have a 50% failure rate with these.

4 cam v3 - 1 bad
6 power switches - 4 bad
4 floods - 2 bad

Starting to regret buying 10 plus licenses…

This is happening on two of my three wyze floodlights. I can confirm that if the PIR sensor is turned off, then the lights do NOT come on when opening the camera in the Wyze app. I have one flood that behaves “correctly”, that is, when I open that camera in the app, the lights do NOT come on. All of the floodlight settings are exactly the same on all the floods; also all are at the same and most current firmware version. Not sure what is the problem, but it is annoying.

I now have gone thru 6 floods, 4 had to be returned

I’m having this same issue! What was Wyze thinking having the floodlights come on every time we view the video feed via the app?! The LED cool white light is still too bright even on low and now matter where I aim the floods it covers my neighbors houses with light. I also have an additional camera plugged into the Floodlight and it’s showing offline in the app and won’t turn on. And just now the Floodlight went offline and I can’t turn it on either. But when it was on, the video feed started showing flickering. And now it’s past the refund date to return it back to Home Depot. Thanks Wyze, this was a waste of $100!!!

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I am pretty sure this is a software issue not hardware. When I initially discovered the issue it was a little annoying but for now I just use the camera to trigger the light until Wyze fixes the issue if it can be.

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