Wyze Floodlight Lights turn ON when I open the App

Why do you believe this is software? I have one Wyze flood (my first) that does not turn on the lights when viewing the camera in the app. The other two DO turn on the lights when viewing them in the app. As far as I can tell, they are all running the same firmware and I have them configured the same as far as motion detection goes. I hope it is software, but I’m not convinced yet.

Whether it’s the software or the hardware, this just another product Wyze released with issues due to their inability to properly test them first. It’s not that hard to test things prior to selling them!

Oh and last night be before going to bed I was finally able to get my Floodlight and extra camera attached to it to show online via the app. But then today both were offline again, tried reseting them via the app and that didn’t work. So tonight I turn off the back porch light switch and turned it back on, now both are showing on in the app again. I’m just waiting for multiple false motion sense triggers and the floods to come on many times. I have to confidence in this product and since I can’t return it Home Depot now, Wyze should refund my money!!!

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I have had no issues with the camera, light or App except the issue we’re discussing. I think overall for the price point they make a good product.

The price point means nothing if there are product issues and they do nothing to resolve them.

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I have now purchased 9 floods. Of those only 2 work correctly. I need 4. I’ll just keep returning them until I get 2 more that work. I guess wyze is ok with covering that cost.

I had the same issue. I purchased two units, One was OK but the other turned the floodlight on everytime I start a liveview. I used the “Motion detected by camera” to control the floodlight, and the floodlight didn’t turn on in liveview. However the camera always detected tree shadows as motion at nights and turned the floodlight on numerous times. I had to switch back to use PIR sensor to control the floodlight. I decreased the PIR sensor detection distance from 100% to 50% and I found the floodlight only turned on a few times in liveview. I decreased it further down to 27% and the floodlight haven’t turned on in liveview since then. Hopefully the issue won’t come back.

Sure seems that pir sensitivity should have nothing to do with the light going on in live view.

Of my 4 floods, all with identical firmware and settings, two work correctly. Pointing to a hardware issue.

I finally got a response from Wyze that wasn’t equivalent to ctrl-alt-del. But it is just as stupid.

In summary, the problem of the flood not using the enabled night vision at night for live view (where instead it turns on the light) is to… disable night vision.

WTF? This is so ridiculous. If night vision is disabled the flood won’t turn on the light. But if night vision is enabled then it will turn on the light.

Seems like a boolean inversion logic error in the hardware. Maybe the firmware can’t tell if the hardware is correct or not, so they ask us to fix it by disable the main critical feature of a security flood - night vision.

—- the actual Wyze response

Thank your for reaching out to Wyze Wizards Team. My name is XXXXXXX. I apologize for the issue about your floodlight turning on when in live view, but I would be happy to work with you so we can resolve this issue together.

By default, Wyze Cam Floodlight will automatically turn on when motion is detected. If you want to view the live stream without the light turning on, turn off night vision. Only a little light is needed for a clear image and a street light or night light outside would work.


And what does the light turning on motion have anything to do with live view?

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Having the same issue. For now I’m triggering the floodlight based on camera motion and not using the PIR sensor. I just purchased this from Home Depot. Think I should exchange it for another? Or wait it out and see if Wyze will fix this with a firmware update?

I have purchased 9 and returned 4 floods from HD. I will return 3 more this weekend. They are so easy to swap out, it’s really no problem. But 2 working of 9 is not a good quality ratio.

As for waiting for firmware, from the above response from Wyze they have not accepted there is a problem. As far as I can tell they claim this is the expected behavior for live view at night

  • night vision enabled, the flood light will come on
  • night vision disabled, the flood light will not come on

Backwards from the logical behavior, imo.

Im having the same issue, frustrated when i go to look at the camera and it lights up the yard like the sun. No reason for the lights to come on, thats what the sensor or app option to turn on the lights are for.

Mine comes on even when night vision is disabled!

This is not true for my floodlight. The light comes on whether or not night vision is on or off. The only way I can keep it from coming on is to turn off the PIR motion sensor.

Just tested and mine also comes on when night vision is disabled. Only way to fix it is to disable the PIR sensor which defeats the purpose of a floodlight

I am beyond frustrated with my Wyze Floodlight and just want my money back. It’s ridiculous that the floods turn on when opening the app. It’s even more ridiculous that mine turns the floods on the highest setting randomly at night, even when I have it turned off via the app. Not to mention that the extra V3 camera I have plugged into it, constantly turns itself off and won’t come back on via the app. I just can’t rely on this thing. And contacting Wyze customer support is a pain because all they want to do it have me go through all the troubleshooting steps that I’ve already done over and over prior to contacting them. What the heck Wyze?! Just give me my money back!!!

One of my floods that has the bug “light on when in live view” stopped having that problem. Which seemed quite strange since there was no firmware update and others with the bug still exhibit the problem.

Then I noticed that the PIR no longer works at all. This is consistent with others who find disable PIR motion resolved the bug.

This should be a decent clue to the wyze firmware/software team. But even though i still have an issue open for this and I keep referring to this thread, wyze never acknowledges this thread. I wonder if that is support policy: to never respond on the forum and pretend it does not exist wrt support issues. Strange, this forum should be an excellent resource for them.

It’s sad that Wyze doesn’t fix the issues right away. They used to be very responsive, not anymore. Instead, they keep adding features that don’t work and releasing new products with software issues. It’s ridiculous!

It is frustrating that wyze hasn’t fixed this. Here is a response I received from an email I sent to support last week:

Mar 5, 2022, 12:05 PM PST

Hi Victor,

Thank you for reaching out to us. My name is Nicole and I’ll be taking care of your concerns.

With regards to your question “The Wyze Floodlight turn on when the camera is viewing in the App” issue, our engineering team acknowledges the issue and is currently working on it. The fix might be released in or other later firmware versions. Still, we do not have a clear ETA on when will the fix be released.

I hope that helps, if you need anything else kindly please let me know so I could assist you further. Thank you for being part of Wyze.


Nicole Wyze Wizard

That’s good to know, thanks.

This will be one awesome floodlight cam if they can fix this one issue.

Same problem here, I can shift from “Motion is detected by PIR sensor” to “Motion is detected by camera” from Accessories - Floodlight to make it better but the camera is much less sensitive to capture person’s move by camera without PIR sensor. This is typical a bug that Wyze team should fix it ASAP.
I’m considering to get a replacement from Home Depot to see if it works better.