Bug? Scheduled floodlight always turns off in live view

Just got the Wyze Cam Floodlight. I used the schedule feature to create a rule for the floodlight to turn on at 7pm and turn off at 10:30pm, which works as expected, UNTIL I go to live view in the iOS app, then the floodlight suddenly turns off. Unless I’m missing something, this appears to be a bug. I have updated the firmware for the camera and floodlight, power cycled the whole unit a few times, removed and reinstalled the device on the app, deleted and re-created the rule, and experimented with various other features, but it’s always the same result. I only have this one rule, and nothing else. Doesn’t matter what time period I set in the rule.

This feature was a major selling point, so hopefully it can be resolved.

Activation date: 7/2/2023
Plugin Version: 2.42.10
Hardware date code: 2203

Explain “turns off” more please. Does the light turn off? Camera turn off? While thing power off?

Yes, the flood lights turn off. They were turned on as per the schedule, so I only expect them to turn off either at the end of the schedule, or if I manually turn them off, but not simply because I opened live view in the app.

Still searching the forum, but the closest issue I’ve come across is one where the opposite issue happens in live view, i.e., going to live view turns the lights on:

That issue was fixed, and I’m wondering if that code change accidentally resulted in the bug I’m seeing. It’s very easy for me to reproduce. Can a mod or someone from Wyze try and reproduce to confirm? Right now I’m experimenting with some rule workarounds, but I shouldn’t have to get into complex rules to avoid the lights turning off just by going into live view.


  1. Under Floodlight settings, go to Schedule > Rule.
  2. Create rule with a specific start time and end time (can be any time of day and only a need 2-3 minute period for the test).
  3. Add action to “turn on floodlight”
  4. At designated start time, visually confirm floodlights are activated.
  5. On mobile app, go to live view. You will note the lights are on at first.

Expected result:
Lights stay on until period of time specified in rule ends, regardless of whether user is checking on live view or not.

Observed result:
Lights turn off in about 1 second as soon as user checked the live view in the Wyze app.

I thought I’d open a ticket with support, but the support bot was a frustrating experience, especially as it doesn’t even list the floodlight cam as a product, so I didn’t get too far with that.

FYI I have returned this product and replaced it with a floodlight cam from a competitor due to this scheduling/light bug, as well as a second issue I didn’t mention, where the PIR motion dection wasn’t working unless I stood right under the unit. While the new floodlight cam doesn’t have as many features as Wyze, both the scheduling and PIR sensor work as expected out of the box. Hopefully this bug is still looked into for other customers.

I had my floodlight scheduled to turn on at 7:30 PM and off at 11:20 PM since I bought it approximately 8 months ago and not the schedule no longer works. This makes me think wyze changed something that caused the rule not to work anymore. Why Wyze?

What does your rules history show for the time that the rule should have ran? What troubleshooting have you tried?

I really don’t know how to access the rules history.

From the home page in the app, click on Account, then Rules, then History. You’ll see a list of the triggered rules and their status. You can also drop down each entry to see the status of each line item.

Thank you!
The light started working with the rule last night and I found the history this morning. History did not show anything for the floodlight. My guess is that some update from another program was causing the problem as it seems resolved on its own.
One question I do have is, can I set up 2 rules for the flood light? I have one that turns on at 7:30 PM and off at 11:20 PM. I would like another rule to turn on at 6:00 AM and off at 7:30 AM.
Thanks, John

Yep! :slight_smile: