Wyze Floodlight pro lights not turning off after rules based trigger

I have two Wyze floodlight pros with the lights off timer set to 3 mins. I created a rule that when Floodlight #1 detects motion turn on the lights for Floodlight #2. The problem is that the lights stay on indefinitely. I read this forum before purchasing them and saw several posts mentioning that there was a “Turn on floodlight for X minutes” action rule or “lights off timer” would determine how long the lights would stay on. Is this a bug or is this not possible? It doesn’t make sense that there is no “Turn on floodlight for X minutes” option


Yeah, several of us have been asking Wyze to add that option. I think it was an oversight, initially since the original Floodlight had it as an option and most of the spotlight rules have it as an option and the smart bulbs and lightstrips have it as an option. Not sure how they missed it for the FLPro.


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I have created an Alexa Routine that shuts the floodlights off for me after 5 minutes:


Hopefully they bring it back. I am using the alexa workaround for now but it would be great if I didn’t have to use a third party to accomplish this.


Thank you! I don’t use alexa but I downloaded the app on my phone and set it up. Would be nice if Wyze added this functionality so we wouldn’t have to use a 3rd party app.



It has already been requested in the Wishlist.

Follow the link to the post, like it with a :heart:, add a reply to support the post if you feel the need.

Then be sure to go all the way to the top and Vote for the topic.


When floodlight senses a regular motion it turns on and off, but if the floodlight senses motion that is part of the rule then it doesnt turn off. I guess whats the difference in camera sensing the motion, its the same motion.

Do we have any timeline from wyze on fixing this issue on the app.

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Wyze doesn’t project time-frames for features to be added. The request for the “Turn On For” option in the Rules Engine has been posted already in the Wishlist topic posted above. :point_up:

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In the mean time, I use an Alexa Routine to do this. I have my lights set within the App to go off after 3m. I set an Alexa Routine to turn them off after 5m. If a Rule turns them on, Alexa turns them off after 5m.

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On your Alexa rule, is it a Static 5 minutes or a Dynamic 5 minutes? In other words, if someone is walking in front of your Garage Front Floodlight for 6 minutes, will it shut off on them after 5 minutes no matter what, or will it leave the lights on the whole time they are there even if they are there for longer than 5 minutes?

I like rules that restart the timer as often as needed (dynamic timer) until a person is no longer present, and then the time starts to count down. Static timers tend to turn off the lights even when a person is still present and moving the whole time, and that’s just weird.

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It is a static 5m wait from an on command to the floodlight and then it turns it off. If there is still motion at that point, the light reactivates and the 5m timer starts again. If someone is activating the light and it goes off after 3m, then activates it again immediately, the light will go off 2 minutes later from the original 5m wait and then another Off command from Alexa 3m later from the second motion activation.

It isn’t a perfect situation because we are dealing with two different timers from two different ecosystems each with deficiencies in their rule Actions and just trying to keep the floodlight from being on all night long.

The Wyze Rule will not turn the light off after rule activation for lack of a “Turn On For” command and the Alexa Routine has no way of dynamically monitoring how the floodlight is turned on to execute if\and\or\then logic. It only has triggers for On and Off.

For me, I do not have regular activity under the Floodlight so I do not find it to be an issue. The light comes on when it is supposed to and doesn’t stay on all night. I use it as a security light, not outdoor area lighting.


Alexa routine is not available for floodlight pro, so there is no way to shutdown the light once its on.

I am shutting down the rule for timebeing until a fix is provided by wyze.

Also i have noticed the camera is sensing a person due to car headlight glare on window glass. If i turn on the rule then it would trigger the light and keep it on all night.

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Look for Alexa Triggers and Actions for the Wyze Floodlight Pro under Cameras, not Lights.

Wyze Floodlight Pro Alexa Routines Triggers:

Wyze Floodlight Pro Alexa Routines Actions:

A Successful routine to have Alexa turn the light off was posted above.


While this may work, I wouldn’t call it a solution since it requires a 3rd party app.


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You won’t get any arguments from me there! It is a workaround until Wyze finds the resources to get the “Turn On Floodlights For” action programmed into the Rules Engine.