Rule to set Wyze Floodlight on doesn't light off

Hi, If I set a rule to start the light on my floodlight, how can I set it to automatically light off after a delay? (for now it stays on)

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What are you wanting to accomplish with this? Just a shortcut to turn the light on for a few minutes while your doing something, or a schedule? The floodlight supports motion detection to turn the light on for X minutes if you want, otherwise you can use a scheduled rule to turn the light on and off at certain times.

You can also use the “Turn on floodlight for X minutes” rule action


No, not a shortcut, not a schedule, not manually.
I need a rule that activate the floodlight for 1 min when another cam detect motion.
Problem is the floodlight would stay on.

(edit) I found your “turn on floodlight for…” suggestion. Looks like it is what I need, thanks!