Floodlight V2 - Rule allows turning on floodlight, but not turning it off

I created a rule so that whenever somebody is spotted on my doorbell camera my new V2 Floodlight turns on (because somebody can get to my door without being seen by the floodlight sensors)… but there seems to be no way to turn it off again after it turns on… not via the rule. We need a ‘Turn off after’ option or ‘Stay on for’ option so that the light will turn back off after a desired time.


I agree. I just installed a v2 floodlighf today and couldn’t believe that the floodlight stays on all day. I am testing using a rule to fix this but. I dont want it on all night. I want it on when motion is detected and then to turn off.
There is not a way to insert a time delay after avtrigger event.