Wyze Cam v3 + Wyze Floodlight Cam

I have a Wyze Floodlight Cam and a Wyze Cam V3 .

I have both cameras pointed different areas in my front yard. I have setup a rule on the V3 camera that when a detection event happens to turn on the floodlight, this works except the floodlight stays on and will not shutoff until I manually do it via the app control. I would like to have my v3 camera as a 2nd eye to trigger the floodlight but also have the floodlight turn off after the normal timeout.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn a light accessory off after x minutes from a Rule yet. BUT if you have an extra Plug lying around, you can use it to turn the floodlight (or any other V3 light accessory) off after x minutes. Below is a link to the procedure, written here for a Light Socket accessory.

You can also use Bulbs instead of a Plug, which would double as a visual indicator that your Floodlight is on (the Plug clicks, which can also be an indicator):

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thanks for the work around, i wish there was a way to get it without the plug, but I might just pickup a plug to be a dummy timer

I wish Wyze would figure out a way for the V3 camera to turn on the floodlight when it detects motion and turn off after a minute. Then it would be a complete package.