Wyze Floodlight rule to keep light off?

I thought I could just create a rule that keeps the floodlights off for a period of time but that doesn’t work. Is there a way to do this through a rule?

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I don’t have mine yet so not sure what the actions are. But, I believe, the Turn off is used to turn off the Floodlight if it is on. One of the options is to Turn off Motion Detection. This will not cause the light to be triggered. Is there a Turn off PIR option?

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Yeah I’ll mess with the turn off motion detection but then that’ll most likely interfere with the capturing of motion events which I probably still like.

Here’s all the current rules

Turn on the camera
Turn off the camera
Upload a short video to the cloud
Turn on motion detection
Turn off motion detection
Restart the camera
Turn on notifications
Turn off notifications
Turn on the siren
Turn off the siren
Turn on the add-on spotlight
Turn off the add-on spotlight
Turn on lamp socket
Turn off lamp socket
Turn on floodlight
Turn off floodlight

Is there an Add-On Spotlight in the works? I didn’t see this mentioned on the product page, or did I miss it?

There’s a spotlight already for the camera.

:man_facepalming: I didn’t think about the Spotlight Kit for the Cam V3 itself. Was thinking there was like a 3rd LED spot light that could somehow be connected, but in retrospect that would just be really odd.

Thanks @larry.ruckman

I wonder if they need the same rule for the floodlight and the socket?

The socket would be a different add-on which I don’t have afaik