Movement=Spotlight on. Turn off=?

I finally got the spotlight to turn on when there’s movement. Ya! But it won’t turn off automatically. :man_facepalming:

Each morning I see what triggered it but find it won’t turn off but itself. Instead, I have to manually flip it off. If The rule was matched to a traditional motion sensor, it would turn off without issue. But because it matched up to a camera, that rule doesn’t exist.

Has anyone found a way to get the spotlight to turn off after a couple minutes of movement?

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Can you provide an image of your Rule so we can see what you have set. I believe you may be able to setup another Rule which states, when the spot light goes on, turn it off after x minutes. I will need to look into that though.

It took me forever to get my spotlight to work properly and come on with movement. It stays on for anywhere from 15 seconds to about 2 minutes. But it now (finally) goes off. You might try the usual. Unplug the camera/light, wait, plug it back in. Clear cache in the app. Log out of the app and log back in. Etc. Some combination of those steps, in some order, finally got my spotlight working. Good luck.

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I don’t actually have a rule because you can’t create a rule around the spotlight. The most you can do is have it turn off if X happens, but not to turn it off. The main spotlight menu has plenty of options to turn it on, but that’s it.

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I guess I could try. This seems more software than anything else. Something isn’t telling it to turn off. I can’t even create a rule to turn it off. Seems like something is missing here.

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Thanks, I have not hooked up the spotlights yet. Appreciate the input.

I just bought an add-on spotlight, and I have the same issues. The spotlight menu simply doesn’t work, and when I create a rule to turn it on there is no way to turn it off (assuming the rule works, which it seldom does). A simple timer would do the trick, but apparently no one at Wyze thought of that. Sometimes you wonder if anyone at Wyze actually uses the products they sell the public. The software for the spotlight wouldn’t even qualify as alpha level software, much less beta or production level.


I also have a rule to turn the spotlight on when motion is sensed between 6 PM and 6 AM, but can find no way to turn it off other than manually by using the app. Why does the spotlight not have a timer associated with it to turn it off after a few minutes? What were the engineers thinking? Hello!!

I am now setting the spotlight to turn turn off every morning at 6 AM, so at least it’s not on forever.

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Same problem here. I can find many ways to turn the spotlight on. But wow… Can not find any way to turn the spotlight off after its been triggered on. Might as well just keep the dang thing on from sunset to sunrise. Another reason why I am looking at other cameras. Wyze at its best…

I tried creating another rule, that if a cam2 detected a motion in my kitchen (if I’m already awake or someone is in the kitchen) it would turn OFF the ON spotlight…

rule1: if person is detected on cam1, it will turn ON the spotlight of cam1

rule2: IF cam2 detected motion, it will turn OFF the spotlight of cam 1

hopefully, they could add option how long will turn ON included in the rules.

the spotlight is just turning OFF if you set it to AUTO, and if detected motion. there is option how long it will stay turned ON. hope they could integrate it to the rules

Unfortunately, you can’t turn a light accessory off after x minutes from a Rule yet. BUT if you have an extra Plug lying around, you can use it to turn the spotlight (or any other V3 light accessory) off after x minutes. Below is a link to the procedure, written here for a Light Socket accessory.

You can also use Bulbs instead of a Plug, which would double as a visual indicator that your Spotlight is on (the Plug clicks, which can also be an indicator):

I tried this as well, but was unable to get the second rule to turn light off.
So it sounds like we just need to wait and hope Wyze adds a timer into the Rules?

It seems to be working for me now. I’m not using rules at all as that seem to cause more issues. Just set it up under the normal accessory window on your camera like my screenshot shows and it should work out just fine. I wish it could stay on longer than 30 seconds, because 15 minutes is too long.

For me, I wanted the Spotlight to turn on when it detected motion at night. I set a schedule to turn off the Spotlight during daytime (because who wants to wear out their bulb and have it turning on when there’s full daylight?).

The problem is that it doesn’t work. You either have it on or off. Called Wyze and there’s no work-around. Makes me have no confidence with Wyze.

I have unplugged my spotlight and completely stopped using it. I’ll never start using it (and will certainly never buy another one!) until there’s a software update that easily allows it to be set up to turn off a few minutes after a triggering event.

Mine is still plugged in, though it’s off.

Hopefully they fix the issue (though I don’t think this is even a priority for them). Hopefully they resolve this in the next 2 yrs…

Doesn’t the settings option work? A couple of posts above yours. If it doesn’t work we should submit it as a bug on the next Fix-It Friday.

Yes, it turns on just fine using the settings option. I got that.

The problem is that there is then no apparent way to turn it off. It’s like a motion detection light that turns on and then stays on instead of shutting off and getting ready to repeat after a short period of time.

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I’ve uploaded screenshots of my settings (2 images above).

I have the Spotlight turned off during the daytime (because who needs light when the suns out?). This works - when there’s motion detected, the camera records and the light does not come on (6am - 9pm).

Now, huge problem: the Spotlight is supposed to turn ON when motion is detected from 9:01pm - 5:59am and it’s to stay on for 15 seconds each time. BUT instead once it detects motion, the Spotlight stays ON indefinitely. The only way for it to be off is to manually go into the app and power off the Spotlight.

I’m sure this issue could be fixed by Wyze, but it’s disappointing as the consumer that they’ve simply ignored the issue or (perhaps) out it on the back burner!

They may not be aware of the issue. Best to submit it during the next Fix-it Friday on 3 June.

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