Scheduling the cam spotlight motion detection to turn off for a period of time

I just got a Cam v3 with a spotlight.
The spotlight is set to turn on in dark settings when motion is detected.
My goal is to have the light not turn on at all from sundown on Friday night to sundown on Saturday night.
The schedule seems to only be able to turn the spotlight on and off, not turn off motion detection exclusively for the spotlight.
Would I have to turn off motion detection for the camera completely to accomplish this goal?


Have you tried a “trigger rule”, not a scheduled rule, for only those times you listed? With the trigger being detect motion and action being turn on spotlight?

Ok, but then how do I get the spotlight to turn off after some time? I don’t want the spotlight to be on indefinitely once it detects motion one time.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

No, I have been in contact with Wyze about issues with the spotlight and they have been pretty terrible with finding a solution. How hard is it to have a spotlight that doesn’t stay on indefinitely after it is activated? Or to set simple rules for when the spotlight should turn on/off? The rules don’t seem to work well at all. Sorry, wish I had an answer.

I set up 7 matching schedules, at 2 hour increments, from 6PM to 6AM, that shut off all spotlights. A software timer is really needed, similar to the Wyze outside outlet that works fine.