Spotlight - Option to "always on low" at night and go to bright on with motion

It would be great if the spotlight had an option to be set to “always on” low at night, then go to “brilliant on” when motion detected.

Great idea, make sure to hit the green vote button at the top, as it doesn’t add it automatically.

There are many other issues with Spotlight that haven’t been addressed. You think they will look into this request? Highly unlikely!

Yea, I know. I also had the problem mentioned by others where the spotlight comes on and stays on.
I wish Wyze would fix the software bug that controls the spotlight. I have mine set up so that the spotlight goes on when motion is detected. The problem is that when it goes on, it stays on. So every night I essentially “reset” it. I go into the camera settings and change the spotlight setting to come on at sunset, go back to the live camera, then go back to the settings and check the box for the spotlight to come on with motion. That seems to fix it for one night. Repeat process next night.

Yes. Why is it a daily chore for you because they screwed up?

I am just as frustrated with the spotlight on V3 as some of the others here. I just put on order my 4th spotlight, as the 3 others I ordered worked for a bit, then crapped out. Either I would have to manually turn the spotlight on every evening, even though I had set the light to turn on sunset to sunlight, or even when I manually hit the button to turn it on. I am having to do this EVERY night now. like v3 cam, hate that the spotlight is so wonky. Is there any other lights we can use instead? or do I have to finally give up on Wyze and go to another company’s camera?

Wyze is ignoring these issues. So it looks like you should look elsewhere.

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