Spotty spotlight problem on V3 camera.. Firmware?

I bought multiple wyze v3 + spotlights and set three of them up recently.
I updated the V3 and spotlight firmware to the latest versions ( and spotlight

Two of my spotlights work great, I actually have a 10ft+ usb extension running on the working spotlights even though people have mentioned issues running it in the forums, and for me they are working perfectly with spotlight activation during motion sensing.

There is one v3+spotlight that seems to have a weird glitch or something wrong with it. The spotlight no longer activates unless I go directly into the device > accessories > spotlight > On/Off/Auto then I set it to On, Activate by Motion Detection, then I back out into this camera preview. I toggle the spotlight button on the top right next to the night vision, it works when I turn it on and off.

After I exit the app, I go back in and try to toggle on and off the spotlight, it doesn’t work. I try to motion activate the camera, the spotlight will not turn on.

There are no usb extensions attached to this faulty spotlight/v3 camera. I also tried putting a different spotlight on it and it is doing the same thing, it won’t turn on anymore after leaving the app or checking later.

Is there something I can do to fix this issue?
Like I said, the other two cameras are still working perfectly with spotlight set up, it’s just this one that is giving me the issues.

Adding a picture here to show what’s going on.

Do a warranty replacement at Wyze

I have spotlights that do the same thing. I turned off the “spotlight on when dark” setting and made a rule that the spotlight comes on at sunset and goes off at sunrise.

Sometimes the spotlight comes on and stays on, somtimes it flickers for 10 minutes then goes off.