Wyze spotlight not turning on with motion

Just got the wyze cam v3 and spotlight in the mail today, used both the outdoor adapter and the one that came with the camera to make sure it wasnt a power issue. it will not auto turn on when it detects motion at all. Any suggestions at all on what’s going on? it comes on just fine when I manually turn it on or if i create a rule stating when motion is detected turn on spotlight. But it will not turn on automatically like its suppose to within the spotlight settings. I have attached a file with my spotlight settings. with these settings like this it will not trigger and turn on when it detects motion unless i force it via a rule. any help or advice would be appreciated.

NOTE: Firmware is up to date on both camera and app so thats not an issue.

Open your camera settings and go to Event recording. Make sure that “Detects Motion” is toggled on.

If it is off, this would be the reason it’s not working.

If you are still having problems, try contacting support and they can walk through some other troubleshooting steps, or worst case scenario possibly send a replacement if needed.

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I am having the same problem Zack. The spotlight shows up as installed and will work manually, but not when motion is detected. I confirmed the firmware and app are updated and that motion is detected. The event will be recorded, but the spotlight is never turned on, even in the middle of the night. I tried all of the troubleshooting steps on the website and then opened a support ticket, but all the “Wyze Wizard” did was send me back to the website. Please post if you ever find a solution. Thanks.

still no solution? same issue here.

manual controls are working.
cam detection is working because I see the recorded events.
restarted camera via app.
restarted camera via power.
firmware is the latest.

sounds like a software/firmware issue.

No solution. Wyze Wizard had me try and few things and then closed my support request. She did have me send an app log to the engineering team though for a potential firmware fix.

Any solution? I have same problem and have no idea how to make it works. Same issues, already check the firmware and everything, and im cam plus subcriber, still not working

Same issue.
Set ‘Detects Motion’ on in camera and set ‘Auto’ in spotlight.
The light doesn’t trigger by motion.

I got it from Amazon. Considering to return it if it doesn’t work.

I have the same issue as well. Works manually, I’ve power cycled everything, firmware is updated, I even deleted the camera and reinstalled it. I can see motion events, but it does not turn the spotlight on.

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Hi, sorry to hear that your spotlight doesn’t work as desired. Could you please try following steps:

  1. Go to camera settings page
  2. Go to Accessories
  3. Select Spotlight
  4. Under “Turn on when:” Please choose any other modes other than “Motion is detected by camera” And then click back “Motion is detected by camera”. Just like a refresh settings

If this issue still happens after you tried this. Please let me know your current V3 camera firmware version and spotlight firmware version. And please also submit a log. You can PM me directly or post it here. I will work with dev team and get this resolved. Thank you so much!


Support sent me a new spotlight (I had tried all the troubleshooting steps to no avail) and the new one I got works!


Good to hear that!

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Still having this issue as well. Have tried all the troubleshooting tips here to no avail. Firmware on the spotlight shows Firmware on the V3 showing Have had this camera and spotlight for quite awhile and it worked previously, but it stopped working for some reason with motion now. Works if I turn on manually.

I started to have this issue recently, where a spotlight accessory on a V3 stopped turning on when motion is detected. It used to work perfectly, turning on with motion until recently. The Firmware of the spotlight shows and the Firmware on the V3 shows Both are up to the latest updates. The light works when turning on/off manually, but not by motion. I have tried all the troubleshooting tips in the website as well as those pointers mentioned in this thread.

Wyze, can you help?

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Thanks for reporting this. Could you please pass me a device log for that v3? Please let me know a event time that motion is detected but spotlight is not on. Thanks!