Spotlight Kit - Turn on when detecting motion in detection zone

I recently got the Spotlight kit for the Cam V3. It’s working great except for the following:

  • I have the spotlight set on “Turn on when dark” and “Motion is detected”.
  • I have a detection zone set for the Wyze Cam V3 that is limited to the area around my front door. To stop the cam from sending notification every time a car drives by.

Now I’m expecting the spotlight to behave the same way the camera does. However, it does not seem to be limited by the detection zone I set previously. It turns on any time a car drives by outside the detection zone.

Is this a bug or is this functionality that has not been implemented yet? It it’s the last, please add it to your backlog.

We’re having the same problem, but maybe even worse. Ours are setup the same way yours is. Our spotlights will sometimes turn on with absolutely nothing moving on in the camera’s view. Even setting the sensitivity lower doesn’t seem to help. I turned them off. This definitely needs a fix (I didn’t find anything online about a fix).

I’m having the exact same problem… the spotlight is set to turn on when motion is detected and every time it’s dark out, I watch the light come on every few seconds and then slowly fade out multiple times to the point where I shut it off completely. Nice concept if it worked properly

the spotlight apparently does not use the cam detection zone??? over here, using v3 cams with spotlights as driveway cams at two houses. at one house, the spotlight turns on randomly too frequently at any motion or detecting light noise flickers in distance caused from whatever like car headlights, or people running, jogging by in the street – all outside the driveway and outside the cam detection zone. ended up turning off that cam. meanwhile, the other house doesn’t have that much street traffic with cars or people going back and forth beyond the driveway or past the cam detection zone. but this is only my first night with these spotlights. so, wyze really needs to tap down on the spotlight’s over-detection – because the spotlight is looking like a ripoff waste of money if your neighborhood has quite a bit of random light noise activating the spotlight plus the spotlight detection zone being too large.

The same problem here.
Even if the detection sensitivity is set to 1, the spotlight still cycles on and off with no movement detected by the camera. The only way to stop this behavior is to turn the spotlight off under Accessories.
I tried two different spotlights and different V3 cameras and still had a problem.
Agree with the last commenter, nice idea but poor implementation so far.

same problem. I request two features:

  1. spotlight turns on only in the same detection zone as V3 (guess that´s a bug)
  2. I want to turn on spotlight ONLY when persons are detected, not motion


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Looks like Wyze fixed the issue in the latest firmware: [] (March 29, 2021)

  • Added microSD card status reporting to the app

  • Added support for siren control in Rules

  • Fixed a Spotlight recognition bug when the WiFi signal is weak

  • Added Spotlight debugging information to logs

  • Improved the Spotlight update process

  • Spotlight motion detection now uses the camera motion detection setting

I haven’t had the chance to check it out yet, but it seems to have worked?

Everybody here, I just got a wishlist item approved by the admins for these items. Please go here V3 Spot Light needs person detection trigger and vote for it and add your 2 cents