Wyze Spotlight More AI detection options

Hopefully this hasn’t been submitted already, I didn’t find it anywhere in my searches.

It would be great if wyze would add the other AI detection options to the spotlight options either when creating a rule or when setting the spotlight settings for when it should turn on after dark.

Right now the spotlight settings only have the option of turning on for any motion detected. At night this setting triggers the spotlight to go on and off constantly on our front porch camera due to car headlights shining across our yard, porch, and house all night long. (We’re on a busy road) Plus all the moths and bugs that fly in front of the camera trigger the motion sensor to turn the spotlight on and off all night too.

If it could be set to only trigger the spotlight on if the camera detects a person, pet, or vehicle that would stop all the on and off all night except when an actual being or vehicle is detected within the detection zone.

Now, I know I can go in and set a rule to have the spotlight triggered when a person is detected but this is also limited in it’s use. I can set it to turn on the spotlight during night time hours when a person is detected in the detection zone, but then the spotlight stays on the rest of the night or has to be turned off manually in the app. There needs to be a setting for how long the spotlight should stay on if a person is detected or until the person is no longer detected. Like how it works in the spotlight settings, turning on when motion is detected and then turning back off when the motion is gone.

Would also be great to add the vehicle and pet AI options to the rule settings as well so if a car pulls into our driveway the spotlight would come on then as well.

After several days of back and forth with wizards of Wyze they said after consulting with the product team there is no mechanism for the spotlight to automatically turn off.
So throughout the beta testing no one noticed it did not turn off by itself, really?
They said I should create a wish list because that’s the best way to let them know we want a light to shut off by itself.
There are several examples of wish list items without one comment from Wyze in years.
Apparently Wyze is more concerned with releasing new products and not adequately testing and servicing existing ones.
I’m done with Wyze as products need to be replaced I’ll be doing it with other manufacturers.

That is ridiculous… Wonder if there is a workaround where you can hook it to a smart plug and turn camera on and off at times with rules so spotlight does not stay until they sort it out. But to omit a feature like that makes no sense. I did read that it comes on and others have complained too. Strange… I am sure the competition has such…

When I set a rule to only activate the spotlight upon detecting a person, it does not shut off automatically. Which means it will stay on all night until manually turned off. Seems like a pretty basic feature that should be included.

I contacted support and they said "Regarding your concern with your Spotlight, there is currently no option to automatically turn it off when there is no longer motion so you really need to manually turn it off on the app.

I think this would be really cool. The spotlight would turn on when people are detected, not just when motion is detected.

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Delay time for turning ON the spotlight

I noticed there is a certain delay on turning ON the spotlight when cam detected a motion.

If there is cam detected no moving motion for 5 minutes, it should automatically turned OFF the spotlight unless specified on certain rules.

Spot Light addition trigger to include AI Person

Please give the option of having the spot light on V3 and V3 Pro to include AI person trigger. I’m getting to many on/off sequences with cars and headlights at night. Only interested in a person triggering the spot light to turn on.