Rule: cam v3 person detected when dark, turns on spotlight

I have a cam v3. I want a rule that turns on the spotlight when a person is detected, but only when it’s dark. I got the first part to work but it turns on the light when a person is detected rven in the day time which is pointless. Am I asking for something the rules can’t handle?

you should be able to set a time for the rule. you can possibly say 8pm to 6am. then the rule will only be activated during those hours. There is no Lumens associated to the camera or Rules engine for triggering the rules.

Can you post a screen shot of the rule you created? Did you add a time frame to it?

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I did set a schedule (7pm-6am) for the rule but at my latitude (40°n) sunrise and sunset change significantly over the year. The spotlight has an automatic dark-only setting so I assume the data is available to be included in a rule trigger but I guess it’s not been implemented. Thanks for your help.

With the new rule system, you can set it to turn on when a person is detected between sunset and sunrise. Which I have now done with mine. BUT, I’m struggling to figure out how to turn it back off after a period of time. So if anyone has ideas on how to do that, I could use the help.

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@Rmorgan: how do you specify sunrise and sunset? I set my rule to start and stop at set times of day but I didn’t see an option to use sun position, which I’d much prefer.

I didn’t realize my rule would not turn off the light when the person left the area! Clearly Wyze has not worked this out fully yet.

You have to turn the light off manually until they have some sensible functionality.

I can’t remember if it’s in the latest production version, I thought it was though. But it’s, at least, in the beta version. Where you set the time, you should see the options for sunrise and sunset.

And, who knows, maybe it will turn the light back off. I’ll test it tonight and see. But if it works like other rules, I doubt it will work that way.

Any update on this? Just picked up two of these and this was the only way that I could figure out how to turn the spotlight on when a person is detected (there is a light near the camera, so spotlight will not turn on after dark).

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I use the sunrise/sunset feature, but definitely want the light to turn back off after a couple minutes after the person detection, not stay on the rest of the night.

By the way, I do a doubletake when I see your username because my real name is also R, Morgan, first name Ray to be specific :grinning:

Yes. It just “stays on”. The timer to turn it off after x-seconds or x-minutes is negated!!!

EPIC fail to be honest.

HI i am experiencing a similar problem. the light turns on and stays on for most if not all night. How do i fix this?

You can’t. Contact Wyze to fix it.