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Hello, I just wanted to double check on the feasibility on implementing a rule within the Wyze app or with the Google home app.

I would like for my Wyze bulb color to come on full brightness at cool white for 5 minutes before returning to its previous state when a person is detected in my front yard/sidewalk after sunset.

I have a rule that turns the bulb on at full brightness for 5 minutes after a person is detected on my cam v3, but I can’t figure out how to get it to return to it’s previous state or stay on but not at full brightness. Ideally I would want the bulb to change to a soft warm light after the harsh intense light.

Currently the rule works mostly but the bulb turns off after 5 minutes which leaves the room pretty dark. I would appreciate any advice on this.

I have been thinking about jumping into home assistant which I believe I could theoretically get this automation to work on. I also believe I could get this to work with Google home using the script tool if Wyze had person detection triggers. I am afraid that the Google home/ Wyze integration is going to stay where it is at for a while. If anyone has any thoughts on either of these platforms I would be interested in hearing them! Thank you!

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We have a wishlist topic requesting what you need, but implementation most likely won’t happen soon.

In the meantime, you can achieve your goal if you have a proxy device like a spare Wyze Plug (or bulb or whatever). If you do have one, add another action to your existing rule to turn plug on for 5 minutes. Then create a separate Rule/Trigger where trigger is plug has been on for 5 minutes and action is set your bulb back to your desired original state. Plug will automatically turn off after 5 minutes from your original rule thus resetting the proxy and trigger.


I have voted on the wishlist item but I didn’t expect it soon. I know this year is year of the camera and next year is AI focused so I figured it wouldn’t be soon.

I never would’ve thought of that! Thank you! I should be able to do something alongs those lines with an additional bulb I have. I appreciate the help!


If you run into problems with your rules, please post a screenshot of the rules so we can help debug. Many users here run similar workaround rule/trigger proxies and we’re all eager to help when we’re online. :+1: