Wyze bulb as nightlight and security light - rules?

Hi everyone,

I have a Wyze v3 and Wyze v2 (different angles) at my front entrance. I also have a Wyze bulb there.

I have rules set so when cams detect person - bulb turns on at 50% brightness for 5 minutes.

I’m trying to also use the same bulb to leave on from sunset to sunrise, brightness at 1%.

Is there any way to create rules for this using the same bulbs? I can’t wrap my head around: if bulbs trigger from a person and turn on, then in 5 minutes it turns off. This would override the bulb if it was on during the night at 1% and would not be on again.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @cruisingin! :raising_hand_man:

Modify this rule or add another: If bulb off for 5s then turn on @1% color Y only from sunset to sunrise.

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Thanks!! Worked perfectly

I’m embarrassed I missed that :sweat_smile:

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