Help With Setting Lighting Rule For Wyze Bulb When Person Detected

Here’s what I’m trying to do. I have a Wyze Cam v3 with Cam Plus. I also have a group of Wyze Bulbs White (latest version). I have the light bulbs set to turn on at 10% brightness at sunset and turn off at sunrise. I’d like the bulbs to turn their brightness up to 100% for 3 minutes if a person is detected, and then turn back to 10% brightness.

I was able to set it to turn up the brightness to 100% for 3 minutes when a person is detected, but they turn completely off after that. Is there a way to set them to turn back to 10% brightness after being at 100% brightness for 3 minutes?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Not with Wyze rules…but you can with an Alexa routine.

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As @WildBill mentioned not possible today in a single rule using just Wyze rules, but…

You could create a secondary rule to work with sunrise and the sunset schedule so that IF the light is off for X minute(s) or even second(s) THEN turn the light back on to 10%

If the rule that sets the light to 100% fires, then after 3 minutes turns off the light, with the below rule the light would then turn back on at X time of your choosing only during sunset to sunrise.

See example