Rule help

I’m curious if we can set time on a rule. For example if contact sensor opens or motion detected on a camera turn on bulb for 10 minutes.

Yes, but you’ll need to create two rules… one to turn bulb on if sensor opens (or motion detected), another rule to turn bulb off if bulb has been on for 10 minutes.

Would this rule turn the bulb off any time it’s been on for 10 minutes? You probably wouldn’t want that.

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Yep. You’d want to dedicate a bulb specifically for trigger notification, if that’s your intent. I do have a few of these for times when I’m blasting music. :grin: My rule turns the light off when on for 5 seconds.

Edit: actually, my rule triggers a Wyze plug, into which a lamp is connected. I’d use a Wyze bulb for this function but they aren’t bright enough to catch my attention during daytime.

Voting for this would kill two birds with one stone, or free up some Wyze plugs in my case:

Not ideal but I guess that could work. Wyze needs to add another option to the action for how long.

If sensor or motion then turn on for x minutes.


I‘d also like a “has been clear for x minutes” rule capability for cams. I would use this to turn off a Wyze bulb I turn on when the cam detects motion.

I realize I can create a rule to turn the bulb off after it has been on for x minutes but I also use a sensor in another room to turn the same bulb off after the sensor has been clear for y minutes and don’t want that to be overridden by a rule that always turns off the bulb when it has been on for x minutes.

I guess a workaround would be to place a sensor on top of the cam and rule the bulb with that sensor instead of the cam but that seems redundant.

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I like that. Has been clear would be perfect!