How to have light go off after being triggered by my wyze cam


I have a wyze cam and a few bulbs. Right now I have my camera setup to trigger my light to go on when it detects motion from midnight to 5 am. If motion is sensed at 12:01 the light goes on but stays on all night. Is there a way to have it go off after “x” amount of minutes. And, then go back on when motion is detected again?

Sure, create a device trigger rule that says if the bulb has been on for 60 seconds (or whatever), turn off the bulb.

You already have the rule for turning on the bulb (I have mine to trigger on person detection).

I added a motion sensor to mine too. For that, the ‘clear’ signal turns the same bulb off.


I have mine set to be on for 10 minutes, then off when cleared for 1 min… This way I am giving it a little bit of time to avoid the light coming on and off and on and off…

(Or use how ever many minutes you think you or someone else would need to be clear before the light actually goes off…)

Ok, so I have my lights in my living room set to go on at 6pm and off at 11. I have my camera set to record motion from midnight to 6am. I understand how to set the light to go off after a certain amount of time. But, if I set if for that won’t that affect the light during the said times I want it on to stay on?

Like between 6 and 11? Or, will it only be applied when the camera is scheduled to record?

I only use my bulb as a signal to me that someone is approaching my front door. It gets a lot more complicated if it has a dual use, like lighting a lamp your normally use to scare people away.

I suppose you could create several rules that turn ‘off’ the light periodically between midnight and 5 AM. Say, once an hour?

Until we can schedule rules, dual use will be tough.

Unfortunately, at least for now, you can only utilize the “shortcuts” to perform simpler automation tasks for now… Try combining the bulbs with the sense kit to see if a different configuration combo will work for your situation…

Or look the possibility of utilizing IFTTT…