Wyze Bulbs - Auto turn off timer after triggered events with the camera

I would like to use one of my Wyze Bulbs in my garage and use it in conjunction with my Wyze Pan Cam. I had set it up to turn on when there’s a motion event in my garage. However, what I found is that there is no way to automatically turn off the light after X amount time. Would be nice to be able to set it to turn off after 30 seconds once an event triggers it to turn on so I don’t have to manual turn it off or set up multiple “Off Events” during the day.

This is something I would love to see as well. It would be great to have a Wyze Cam turn on the light when walking in a room. Then have it turn off after set time period. I see that this is possible when using a Sense motion sensor, but that seems like waste of the sensor, when you have the cam already. why can’t the app do the same with the Cam??

Also, you can’t buy the motion sensor separately, at least I don’t see an option for it. I have the early access Wyze Sensor pack, but I need more than one motion sensor.

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I think you should be able to do that with the camera also But You can buy the motion sensor separate;
after you click on buy , Click the arrow in the box that says starter kit , And scroll down to motion sensor , selected It to Purchase it separate

I didn’t know that. thanks. But I still don’t want to buy an sensor for all 8 bulbs I bought.

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It was suggested on another thread to use IFTTT, but it doesn’t look possible to me at this point.

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I hear that, I only have 3 motion sensors and don’t plan on buying a whole bunch, not sure I’m going to buy anymore at all

Would love to have a timer as mentioned. Also, an activation schedule. When my pan can detects a person between 9pm and 6pm, it activates a wyze bulb to turn on. Dont really need this feature during the day!


Yes this would be great! I have a wyze cam at my back door to the garage and have added a wyze bulb to the light there. I have this light set to come on using the motion on the camera, but there is no way to turn it off. Can the camera motion work like one of the motion sensors? I have a motion sensor setup indoors to turn on a wyze bulb to my laundry room. It then shuts the light off after the motion is “clear” and has gone away. I am guessing the motion sensor probably isn’t designed to be setup for outdoor use? Would love to be able to set a bulb to turn off (30 seconds) after it turns on. OR to see the wyze cam have an option to perform an action after motion is clear. Thanks!!!

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If Wyze provided the bulb state (on/off) as an IFTTT trigger you could use apilio.io for the delayed bulb turnoff. Wyze already provides the state of the contact sensor (open/closed) as an IFTTT trigger.

The wishlist item should be to add the bulb state to the set of IFTTT triggers that Wyze provides.

This is what I wanted to. My WEMO products have an “auto turn off after x minutes” feature that I use A LOT. I want to be able to turn off these bulbs when my kids (wife) leave lights on.

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I sign up here as well. Wyze Sense does have trigger for ‘motion clear/clear for’ but camera does not. I really would love to see that added to the Cameras to control things with it. Even adding timer to turn off the bulbs would be useful, sort of a band-aid, but a problem solver.
IFTTT triggers would benefit from it as well. I can turn on Philips HUE lights, but have to use their internal app to put it on ‘off timer’.


There is a way using IFTTT and apilio. Read the attached link.

Does the Shortcut option for “has been open for x”, “has been closed for x”, “has detected motion for x”, and, “has been clear for x” fulfill this need?

Partially, it would be great to have activation start and stop time of day for the shortcut. Like having the short cut active from 8pm to 6 am each day or specific days.


I think we are confusing the products involved in this particular thread. This is regarding the use of the bulbs with a Wyze Cam. (not the motion sensor).
We are asking for the same abilities that are available with the motion sensor to be available when using the Cam motion detection. And of course we would like the ability to schedule it. This is also a request for the Motion sensor.
Somewhere I read that the first request here was available in beta on the Cam, but hasn’t been released. I could be wrong about that, they may have meant the Motion Sensor.


Yes I think this thread Is confusing.
I think it would help If OP @Georgiadawgs7717 or a moderator change The title to reflect That it is about The camera Turning off After triggered events.
@DreadPirateRush , @Loki

Hi Gwendolyn, no. The ask is for the ability for the light to have an option to turn off after x amount of time after being triggered or for the camera to trigger a “clear” event to turn off the light.



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Ah… Thanks for clearing up my confusion! :slight_smile:

I agree, although what I would REALLY like is for it to go back to the previous “Scene” after ‘X’ amount of time. I have my front porch light set medium bright from 8 pm to 11 pm, then it dims from 11 pm to 7 a.m. But I also have my motion sensor set on the front porch to turn the light REALLY bright if someone walks up. Then, when the sensor “clears” the light goes OFF, but I don’t want it to go OFF, I want it to go back to whatever scene it was previously on (depending on whether it is BEFORE 11 pm or AFTER 11 pm). I know…complicated but actually not that hard.