Wyze cam/bulb interaction - motion turning bulb on and off

Ability to have Wyze Cam interact with Wyze Bulb.
Example: Camera sees better with added light. It would be nice to have a Wyze Bulb in the area being viewed by Wyze Cam. The ability to tell Wyze bulb to turn on if the cam detects motion and then have it turn off later. Yes… I’m aware this “can” be set to do this now but it “can’t” be used. The reason being… every time the Bulb turns off the camera sees this as motion and turns the bulb back on, bulb turns off and cam sees motion and turns it on. This repeats for an eternity. Maybe some firmware that tells the camera to turn off the bulb and ignore motion for 5 seconds or so when the bulb turns off. This way you could have extra light when there is motion and the bulb can turn off without repeating the cycle.

I’m not sure how feasible this is, but it’s on the wishlist now.

In the mean time, you may want to consider using the Person Detected trigger, or a Wyze Motion Sensor to turn on the bulb instead of pixel based motion detection.

Hey thanks for this idea. I set the Bulb to turn on IF the camera sees a person. Also set the bulb turn turn off if it has been on for 10 min. Set all if this to a schedule of 7:00pm to 7:00am. I will see if this works. On paper it seems promising though. Thanks again for the idea!

OK just so you know…
Its been working rather well set this way Thanks.
Camera detects Person
Turn on porch bulb
Bulb setting is:
If bulb has been on for 10 min, turn off

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