Question about wyze Bulb controlled by door bell cam

Thinking to buy those bulbs,want them to turn on when door bell cam sense people, then turn off after a couple posible?

You can setup a rule to turn on a Light when Motion or peson has been detected or even when the Doorbell is pressed. But there is nothing to say when Motion or person is not detected.

You have a couple of options:

  1. set up the trigger for the lights to go on, and then you can set a timer on the bulb itself to say if it has been on for x minutes turn it off.

  2. You can have it trigger an outlet to Turn on and light up a bulb or bulbs. Then you set a Rule for the Outlet whos trigger is When the outlet has been on for x minutes, turn the outlet off and all the lights.

Option 2 is probably the best option.

I notified something similar to Wyze and they are supposedly adding it to their Backlog of items.

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