Triggering Wyze light bulb to turn on/off with cam motion detection

I’ve been trying to use the rules options with a Wyze Cam and a Wyze light bulb.
I was able to make the light bulb turn on when motion is detected, but I have trouble turning off the light bulb when the motion detection stops. The light bulb stays “on” until I turn it off manually after the motion was detected.
I tried to added another rule that tells the light bulb to turn off if the light is one more than 2min, but it does not seem to do anything at all (it gives me a message saying that my “IF” and “THAN” are the same product)
My question is, how do you add a rules that tells the light bulb to turn off after the camera stops detecting motions OR after several minutes for example?

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See this thread and post


Thank you HDRock. That worked.


Cool , glad ya got it workin