Can you set the motion detection to turn on Wyze Wall switch for a few minutes

Can you set the motion detection to turn on Wyze Wall switch for a few minutes

I preface this with I don’t have any of the switches.

You can probably setup two rules to do what you want. One that turns on the light when a motion sensor is triggered and another when no motion detected for x amount of time. First one turns on the switch, second one turns it off.


@WildBill is correct with the Wyze V1 or V2 motion sensor you can use trigger rules (Detects Motion/Motion is clear for X time) to trigger the Wyze switch.

It would look something like below.

On with motion

Off after X time


Maybe. I don’t have the Wyze Wall switch, but I have several of the Wyze plugs.

If you have Cam Plus, you can create an Alexa routine, that uses the Cam Plus Camera to trigger the routine. Then put any number of devices on/off Announce in the routine body. I have a V3 Cam hidden in a outside street side porch light. It “looks” down the street. Its routine brings up the view on an Echo Show, and turns a Wyze white bulb on across the room on a low power setting. I added a Wyze plug and tested it. It works too.

You can use Alexa routines without even having an Echo device. Just don’t have her “say” or announce anything in the routine. But these days, who does not have at least one Echo device?

I don’t use Wyze rules. Simply don’t bother. I can do all and more with Alexa and blend non-Wyze devices into my routines. I have a lot of Sonoff devices and run them with Wyze V1 sensors, Wyze cameras and Wyze light bulbs.