Wyze Cam motion event as Alexa routine when trigger


I have some old garage floodlights linked to a Sonoff smart switch, and between sunset and sunrise they’re turned on and off by an Alexa routine. It works great but I’d prefer not for them not to be on constantly for the duration.

I’d like to use my Wyzecam v2 motion events to trigger the switch on, wait 5 minutes, and switch it off again, and while Alexa provides for all these things in a routine, the only trigger available to it from the Wyze cam is Person detection, to which I am not a subscriber.

I was unable to get IFTTT to do the job. While it could detect motion from the Wyze cam and could turn the Sonoff on, there did not seem to be a way to turn it off again later, or to specify the hours of operation.

Controlling a Wyze smartplug isn’t an option as the Sonoff is embedded inside the light switch and connected to a regular rocker switch, and I’d rather not replace the floodlights themselves.

Feedback welcome, especially if it’s from a Wyze person to say “Yes we’re adding motion triggers for Alexa real soon!”.