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I am trying to utilize aa Wyze Cam v2 or V3 to turn on lights if the camera detects motion. I am having a terrible time trying to accomplish a very simple thing.

Right now I have a camera aimed at my driveway. I want the camera to turn on the lights if it detects motion, and then turn off after 10 minutes or so.

I am using Lifx bulbs outside, so I am unable to use the Wyze app, as the app only communicates with WYZE products.

I would us IFTTT, but I cannot get the applet to turn off the lights after a set period of time.

I could use an Alexa routine, but the Alexa routines only allow the camera to trigger a device if the camera “detects a person.” There is no option for “detects motion.”

So I have a few questions.

How can I get this to happen?

Why don’t the v3 cameras show up in the Alexa app as a device trigger?

And finally, why cant they allow Alexa routines to utilize “Detects motion” in the Alexa app? Wyze only allows them to use “detects a person.” Is this a way to get us to have to purchase Person detection?


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Good questions. I don’t know why the Alexa triggers are limited to person detection. (They are a relatively new feature.) I suppose the simplest workaround is for you to use Wyze bulbs instead; they are pretty cheap. You could also go with a Wyze or 3rd party motion detector to trigger.

The V3 has an optional “spotlight” but it’s dim.

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possible solution using a wyze plug
in settings for wyze plug go to schedules and automations add a rule “turn on for camera x motion detect” when device trigger by camera x motion detect
do action turn on wyze plug when camera x detects motion.
create rule “shut off after delay” when wyze plug has been on for time delay do action wyze plug turns off