Doorbell cam and v3 cam light control

I’ve been able to have my outdoor lights come on when motion is detected by my doorbell and v3 cam. But I haven’t been able to have them turn off after a set amount of time. Once they turn on they stay on until I turn them off. What am I missing?

Wlcome to the community @waynegrei . I am a community member as you and try to support when I can.

Currently the camera’s rules only support detecting motion. There is no trigger when motion clears. I do know that this has been requested as part of the Rules engine and that Wyze is looking into it.

What some of us have done is added another device which can be turned on.

For example:

I use a Wyze Plug as a virtual Device. When motion is detected via a camera, you can turn on the lights and the plug. Then set another rule which indicates when the plug has been on for x minutes, turn off the plug (yes you can set it to turn itself off), and turn the lights off.

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Thanks for responding so quickly. I’m using the WYZE switch, one in the back of the house and one in the front. However I also have these switches set to come on at dusk and off at 10 pm. I was trying to get them to also come on when motion is detected after 10 pm. Maybe I just want too much. Thanks

I have a motion sensor in one of my rooms with a switch. when motion is sensed, the switch goes on. When motion clears, it waits 5 minutes and then turns out the lights