Problem with motion sensor 2 with Alexa routine

Anyone has issue with Alexa routine?
I set my motion sensor if no motion detector in 2 mins turn the light off.
It doesn’t work. If I play the routine it can turn off the light.
The motion will turn the light on. But just not off if set a time on with no motion detect.

I also use wyze rule to set up no motion detect to turn off wyze light strip it work.

So anyone has an idea how to fix the problem?

@cgbchengaobin, Welcome to the User Community!

No answer on how to fix… Yet.

But this may well be an Alexa Skill issue.

I just set up my office light to do the same thing… On with motion, off after 3 min no motion.

I am using the Wyze Motion Sensor V2 and a GE Cync Smart Switch both enabled thru Alexa skills.

My light goes on… Doesn’t go off with the routine.

Will fiddle around and research giving others time to chime in.

I am actually seeing the same behavior with my Alexa routine where the routine is set when motion detected on a V2 sensor to turn a switch (non-Wyze) on. This works flawlessly.

I have a second routine that is set to turn the switch and a Wyze plug off if no motion is detected for 30 minutes.

The off routine has yet to work. I can’t help but wonder if Alexa has no way of checking in with the V2 sensors to know the timeframe of X time that has been set in the Alexa routine has been met.

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I’m seeing same behavior. Posted on discord too and other users seeing it. Has anyone opened a ticket with support?

I was planning on submitting this on the fix it Friday this week, but no support tickets at this time from me.