V1 motion sensor and Alexa routines

I’m having issues with my Alexa routine to control my lights.

I have a V1 motion sensor and LIFX color bulbs setup with two Alexa routines. First routine tuens on my lights when motion is detected. Second routine is supposed to turn off my lights after no motion is detected for five minutes.

The problem is, routines regularly fail to execute. My lights will not always turn on or off when the motion sensor is triggered.

After verifying there are no issues from my end and numerous communications with Wyze support, I was told there was a bug in Wyze’s cloud integration and that it would be fixed.

My sensor was working normal for about a week then started acting up again.

This saga has lasted more than six months and all I get is band aid solutions. I don’t know how many more logs I need to send for Wyze to actually fix the root cause. If an engineer wishes to reach out to me for more information, I’m more than willing to troubleshoot.

I can’t be the only one experiencing these issues.

I cannot confirm that it is the same issue, but the Alexa routine integration with my V2 motion sensors are spotty at best. I have them turning on and off GE Sync switches and Sengled bulbs.

There was a long period earlier this year when they were not working altogether. The V2 would turn it on, but not off or timed off.

This was fixed by an Alexa update as the issue was on her end.

Still, mine fail ocasionally as well but seem to be currently healthy as she has shut off the lights in my office because I wasn’t moving enough. I wave at my V2 and the lights come back on.

After you have exhausted all your trouble shooting, resign yourself to "it isn’t going to work, and sorry. BUT, you can create the “On” routine and put a “wait” command in there. Start with, hmmm 10-15 minutes and turn off the light (in the single/ON routine). You can even add an announcement with another wait, so it gives you a warning of 1-2 minutes before it turns off.

I mounted a 20’ white simple LED on/off strip of lights to my 14 steps going up and downstairs. I put two V1 sensors there with a Wyze plug. One V1 at the first bottom step, and one V1 at the top step. Within 3 seconds, either V1 triggers and turns on the lights for 35 seconds. And even though the second V1 sensor, be it top or bottom, holds the light for another 35 seconds. (I don’t care). End result, I can clearly see any time when I am ascending or descending the stairs. Amazing that even with all the never-know-when V1 sensors are going to temporarily stop, this works well enough to not try a different sensor.

I love the V1 stuff. I don’t love the V2 stuff. But I have to limit my expectations for the V1, to just slightly less than a perfect solution.

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So it’s seems like a fairly common issue. I don’t think this is a hardware issue so it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down.

I know sometimes Wyze engineees visit this forum so hopefully they see this and look into it.

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I will try this. Although the side effect is unwanted lights turning off for a second even though motion is detected.

I believe it is an Alexa issue.

Wyze rules trigger Wyze actions just fine using my V2 motion sensor with an off command after motion clear for 5 min.

Where it gets iffy is when Alexa has to tell another ecosystem device to shut off using the V2 motion clear for 5 min trigger.

I agree, its not hardware. However, the V1 does have some design flaws that Wyze has fessed up to. And they won’t fix them. But then again, I too would not replace thousands and thousands of accidentally poorly designed or produced sensors. I would flag them obsolete and tell people to buy the new one. (Isn’t that what car manufacturers do, so it mus be okay or must be right.)

But back to the problem you are having. Yes, I too believe its not hardware. But give up. They do just enough to keep them working, like when the AWS service goes off line, and the get everything associated back on line. We pretty much have given up them tweaking the code to make them better or resolve weird functions.

I’m sorry you are having this problem. I am not trying to be flippant about it. I am trying to be real and not feed you fluff or a promise to expect it to be better later. I don’t think it will.

We’ve known each other too long for me to mess with your head. Ooops, that last line was not for you. I used that on my girlfriend. Sorry about that too.

One can only hope a bored wyze engineer browses this forum and decides to fix this lol.