Motion sensor cleared not executing alexa routine

I have 2 motion sensors set up to turn on lights through an Alexa routine. They both work great turning the lights on. I also have routines to turn the lights off when motion sensor is clear. Neither of these routines will execute. (although they were working a week ago) i have removed and re installed the sensors and disabled and enable the Wyze skill to no avail. Called Amazon and they are pointing to a problem with the Skill. I agree with them because the Wyse app and the Alexa App both show the motion sensors becoming clear. I set up the same lights on a Wyse contract sensor and that works every time.
any suggestions?

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Same… I have sensor at top & bottom of my stairs that trigger the wyze plug to turn on and off the plug for a lamp. At midnight, it came on and had not turned off, though no motion was triggered all night. The schedule is set to start monitoring at 7:30pm and stop monitoring at 7:00am.

I updated the app 09/10/2020… this started the problem.

I’ve reset everything I could. The sensor have the same scheduling; however it not turning off as it did on 09/09/2020 and the past.

Same problem here. Not all of of my motion sensors, just some of them. I watch the Wyze app and the motion sensors are clear but the Alexa routine doesn’t run…

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I think I found a answer. I rebooted the camera and reinstalled the Wyze Bridge. So far it seems to be working .


Just wait ! :wink:

I suggest moving all discussion over to the master thread just to keep action consolidated and hopefully keep pressure on Wyze to resolve.

If you haven’t already, file a support ticket and update the thread with their latest response: Wyze sense Alexa integration issues? - #57 by isignedup

Who knows, maybe they’ll have more than just “can’t say we’ll fix anything but will let our engineers know” :roll_eyes:

Thx !


Well it worked for a little while, but now I’m back in the same boat. It’s not shutting off the lights.

UpdateRemoved bridge reinstalled Camera firmware, reinstalled bride. 6 hrs and it is still working.

I am having the same issue.
I’ve tried everything imaginable from reinstalling everything, deleting and recreating the routines, etc.

Devices will turn on flawlessly but will not turn off when no motion detected.

When I can get it to work, it lasts maybe 24 hours max before it stops working again.

It will work when using ifttt but not using an Alexa routine.

My contact sensors work fine with Alexa routines however.

Extremely frustrating.

Still having issue. Rebooting seems to work but only on hard reset (unplug )
I am also having issue with contract sensor showing open but not closed in Wyse App. Nothing to do with Alexa. I installed a second contact sensor on my garage door. The new sensor works, the old one loses connection or shows open after 24 hrs from reboot.

Hello all,
I have discovered this thread from Google and I’m using smartthings sensors and one of alexas own sensors and neither are working with a “no motion detected” value. On is fine, off is not. It is definitely alexa related.

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I had trouble with OFF routine with Wyze motion sensor + Sengled bulbs.
But with Wyze motions sensor + Wyze bulbs = no problem. It works perfect.
I wish I could buy another Wyze motion sensor but I cannot find it anywhere online.

The Wyze Sense appears to be out of stock. See

I’m guessing that the next generation will be coming out soon OR it’s being discontinued (being that they haven’t fixed the various issues that so many have been experiencing).

I recently switched to an Echo Flex ($10 deal) with motion sensor add-on ($15) for $25 total. There is a package deal at the moment for $22. It works as designed including the delayed no motion detected routines and seems to be quicker to respond (like maybe a second quicker being it is an Amazon product and probably one less hop through the internet). Bonus is that it’s an Echo device. While not the greatest sound for music, good for basic Alexa interactions and easy enough to connect a better shower speaker via Bluetooth for better sound. Further, no need for a camera bridge with a proprietary connection or bateries (i.e. normal WiFi with longer range connectivity).

Echo flex needs to be plugged in and I don’t have an outlet where the motion sensor needs to be. and I have banisters waist high and the outlets are knee high… so…

Yeah… your specific needs require wireless and batteries… I had such need at one at one time too, but fortunately no longer.