Motion sensor no motion Alexa routine fails during specific times of the day

This issue is closely related to a previously reported issue Wyze sense Alexa integration issues?.

Between 2:00 AM and 4:00AM EST, my Alexa routine to turn off my lights after no motion is detected for more than five minutes fails.

The routine works at all other times.

I have sent in a support ticket but as usual, support is useless and clueless.

Once these sensors die for good, I’m definitely replacing them witha reliable product.

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I’ve just lost my FOURTH sense motion sensor, after replacing the battery… I can’t count how many contact sensors I also have lost after replacing the batteries… (started with 22 contact sensors on my doors and windows, down to about 10-12 that are still working 2 years later… All failed after getting a low battery warning and replacing the battery… after doing so they refused to connect again)

I am desperately searching for reliable source of Wi-Fi motion and contact sensors, to trigger routines that are compatible with Alexa…

the WYZE products were an epic, and spectacular fail… A terrible design…

…and they’ve completely abandoned them… Can’t even buy a replacement… And, the new versions of the contact sensors and motion sensors are only sold with a monthly monitoring service… which I do not want/need or can afford… There’s a reason I started buying $20 cameras, cuz I’m on a budget…

I’m not buying a bunch of monthly subscription plans to make these products work properly…

I used to have motion sensors in multiple rooms that, when triggered, would turn on the lights in that room on, and 5 minutes after no activity, would turn them back off… It was fantastic… for the time it worked, anyway…

Now, thanks to WYZE’s crappy, horribly designed products, none of those routines work anymore… One by one, the motion sensors - or contact sensors, died…

over the course of a little more than a year, all four of the motion sensors in those rooms have failed due to the low battery/replacing battery issue, that renders the sensor junk…
They can’t even be set up as new anymore!!!
Now that’s a really horrible design…

and the company really should back up the products they sold, by offering replacements… (I was able to get them to replace the first one that died, but after that they stopped even responding to support requests… Now I’ve got a pile of motion sensors and contact sensors that are all little plastic pieces of junk… :joy:

but, I’m pretty sure If they replaced all the failed sensors, it would bankrupt this little dog and pony show of a company…

I’m super happy they’ve got the resources to dedicate to an RC car/camera that no one seems to be able to purchase… I guess the April fools joke is on me, for continuing to be a customer.

Off to Amazon to search for a reliable motion detector / sensor… If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears… :wink:

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To add insult to injury, I got an automated email saying that my ticket will be closed for inactivity and to reply if I still need help.

Obviously, my issue hasn’t been fixed. In fact, it has gotten worse.

I’ve already decided that I will no longer purchase or recommend another wyze product until they stop releasing garbage and take care of their existing customers like they promised they would.

Amazon has far better customer service and I thought Wyze claimed that they were putting their customers first.

Since late 2019, all they’ve been doing is focusing on pushing hardware.

I’m just waiting for all my sensors to die out and am slowly transitioning to something reliable.

As great and reliable (so far) as their cameras are, a company that abandons their loyal customers loses my loyalty and respect.

Sorry for the long rant but I felt like this had to be said.

A year later, I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel when it appeared to be finally fixed in June 2022. It’s 1/11 and I’ve started to get issues again.

Hoping it’s just me this time and not another cloud issue that won’t be addressed.