Wyze Sense (external motion sensor) and Alexa routing being triggered..not consistent

I have an Alexa routine set up so that when the Wyze Sense detects movement an Alexa routine is to run and a notification sent by the Wyze app. (Note motion sensing is off on camera). The sensor and camera are about 15 feet apart.

If I walk in the house I will get a notification on the phone and a video recorded BUT not every time will the Alexa routine run which it should. Sometimes it will, sometimes it will not. Unpairing/deleting and repairing devices or resets or power offs/on or creating a new Alexa routine make no difference. Firmware is up to date. Strong wifi signal as router is only 25 feet away with 200mb signal.

The Alexa routine makes an announcement and turns on lights.

It is a 50-50 proposition that it work.

Anyone else experience this with Wyze Sense and Alexa routines?

Thank you

I have noticed. It also with a wyze contact. When switch opens, alexa is suppose to say something. I get the wyze notification, but alexa is sometimes napping. :sleeping:

Unfortunately I have similar issues with both Wyze and Ring devices serving as triggers. My success rate is higher, about 98% of the time the routine fires correctly. About 2% of the time it will not trigger.

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Excuse misspelling, I meant “routine”, not “routing” in topic. Apologies.

Thanks, yes very annoying that Alexa routine is not triggered about 50% of the time for me. I will try a new motion sensor Wyze sent me and see if it makes a difference. My wifi signal is fine. Tried different SSID’s, all good on my end. Perhaps it is the on the Wyze hub side or Alexa–perhaps we will know more in the future if others have this issue. These devices are in line of sight of each other.

I have alexa announcing when two different contact sensors open and at certain times of day Alexa will also turn on non-wyze lights if those contacts are open. So far it seems quite consistent and fast for me unless there is a more widespread server issue that causes a long delay between when the sensor opens and the routine fires.

Are the sense sensors outside or in a garage where it is very cold? I find I have more trouble with them when its cold.

No Camera and sense sensor are both in kitchen. Tx

If you set up the same routine with a contact sensor in place of a motion sensor do you still have reliability issues?

I have a routine in Alexa that reacts to an Wyze motion sensors to turn on two Hue lights. Additionally it turns the lights on at 50% brightness from 10PM to 7AM and 100% all other times. I have had the routine working ever since Wyze accidentally exposed the contact sensors in Alexa (I was one of the lucky few that snuck in then).

In all that time only once that I can remember has the routine not worked. And that was during an internet outage.

I also have another routine that makes an Alexa announcement “Back Sliding Doors are open, mind the cats” when a Wyze contact sensor opens. If it’s 9PM until 7AM it also turns the back deck light on, waits 5 minutes and then turns the light off. It has also worked except once when we had an internet outage.

So at least in my own experience the Wyze integration with Alexa has been pretty stable. One thing I do is I have a routine (2) that reboots both cameras with Sense Bridges twice a day 12 hours apart. The reboot is preventative as I used to occasionally see some of the contact sensors appear offline.

I have the one camera on an Amazon Smart plug that I turn on when I leave the house. Have not tried the door contacts yet for reliability with Alexa. But even with new Sense detector they sent me Alexa only runs the routine 1 out of 3 times. Sad… Perhaps hub is bad. Doubt smart plug is interfering. I do get Wyze notifications and video on my phone. Just Alexa not triggering routine consistently regardless what actions are in routine… I asked them for a new hub else may have to move on to another device. I just like the idea of the external sensor for motion. Tx

Yes why should they even go offline. Strange. At least you have a workaround.

Not sure why they were going offline occasionally. I tested and put new batteries in all the sensors. Distance from sensors to bridge are 15 feet max to 3 feet minimum (same room) and I have 2 bridges on different cameras. Each camera has strong WiFi signal and neither camera is more than 15 feet from the WiFi access point. So I honestly don’t know why they were occasionally going offline, but since I have started the twice daily reboots it has not happened again.

Perhaps Gwendolyn of Wyze will see this. I put in a ticket since I just am so dissatisfied that whether contact sensors or Wyze Sense , the Alexa routines are being triggered now about 20% of the time. I have either a faulty camera, hub or whatever. I have tried everything. Wyze sent me a new Wyze sense sensor-did nothing. I put in a ticket to get a new hub but perhaps I need a new hub and camera. I now just stopped using Alexa integration since it is not working enough to be of any use. Ticket is still open under my email and name.


All my routines via Alexa are very reliable. I have a motion sensor outside the bathroom that turns the bathroom lights on. A contact sensor triggers an Alexa announcement when my outer sliding door opens on the patio. Since I have added the restart logic the sensors have been working very well. I honestly think the issue lies with the bridge not the sensors. I am eager for Wyze to release a standalone bridge that does not require a camera.


Someone is seeking your wise council @WyzeGwendolyn!

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One thing I have tried that seemed to help earlier on is to disable the Wyze skill and re-enable it thru the Alexa app. It apparently refreshes things.


Thanks for tagging me! I’ll see if I can snag someone better qualified to help with this to either pop in or give me advice.

@pcumming, we’re sorry that this isn’t stable for you and I hope we’ll be able to find a resolution for you shortly.

I would like the ticket number I put in a few weeks ago so someone can send me a new hub or new hub and camera.

This is concerning. If you receive the notification, this means that we have the message on the server side. It is therefore, not your fault, not your Wi-Fi’s fault or nor the device (camera, bridge or sensor).
We need to see if we are sending the message to Alexa systematically and if we do, then go talk to Alexa for them to figure out the problem…

I will talk to the engineering team right away but most likely they will ask for an account and a time that it happened to help the investigation.


It has happened so many times I have unplugged the camera and such. If other people are not having the same issue then I believe it may be a problem with my camera or more likely the hub. Tried on my upstairs router which is a diff brand than downstairs and same issue where routine not triggered most of the time. Tried at a friends house who has Alexa same issue-different internet provider and router.

I was hoping for a new hub and perhaps camera. Hub bought from you with no login but guest checkout. You can find my address in Pineville, NC 28134 (prob not too many of those-Ordered Wyze Hub with 2 contacts). Wyze Cam v2 was purchased on Amazon. I had issues before where motion sense was not detecting motion and you sent out a new motion sense out. You can see this in all of your records. However for the few dollars spent I do not feel like setting up a test bed when perhaps it is a camera/hub issues. I may in a month or two opt for an Amazon Cam. You will see the tickets out there under my name and the last one (forget # as I gave up and am frustrated so I deleted the email) said it would be looked into. I think perhaps a camera or hub replacement might work. Not sure at all. I am happy to send back my hub and camera I have now back at my expense to you unless you just want to send a prepaid UPS sticker or something.