Using Alexa for automation/triggers

With the current trigger situation going on, I wanted to find a work around.

Seeing I already use Alexa to integrate devices from different manufacturers, I thought why not just use Alexa for my Wyze triggers.

Works perfectly!!!

Now hopefully Wyze fixes the issue with the Bulb toggle switch indicators


That’s really interesting. It might be worth changing all my switches to go through Alexa instead on a permanent basis (or at least a redundant one…ie: have Wyze Rules and Alexa Rules tell it to do the same thing: On/off, notifications, etc).

I don’t understand how it can possibly work through Alexa and not Wyze directly though…I mean, if Alexa is working, that means the sensors are working fine and getting the information from Wyze. Wyze must run their rules through an entirely separate server or something that is less reliable. I guess we found the thing they need to fix to be more reliable since this seems to happen every few weeks.

If the sensors are not functioning correctly in the wyze app they won’t trigger properly for alexa routines as well. Most of my sensor automations are done through alexa (turning on other brand switches, adjusting temp etc. ). It was all down since late last night until maybe 3 hours ago for me.

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You’re right, I just tried it with mine too, and it won’t work. I can tell Google/Alexa to turn my lights on and off, but that doesn’t involve the sensors in any way. I thought the OP was saying they could still use the contact and motion sensors as triggers through Alexa during this “outage” and it was working that way, but apparently I misunderstood their post, because that does not work. All other Wyze devices are still working though, so I’ve just been telling Google/Alexa to turn my lights on and off instead of using my Wyze sense triggers to do it like they were set up for. Oh well, had my hopes up for a minute.

There was a different server issue previously where the device list in the wyze app would be empty. When that was going on tinycam was still able to retrieve the camera feeds and I think streaming to fire/echo device still worked as well.

After going through a few sensor outages I changed it so all my sensor automations were either invisible (adjusting temperature) or turning on/off lights in non critical areas (garage/outside). I have no smart bulbs and went with smart light switches that function as dumb switches if internet or AWS has issues. Anytime there are sensor issues it is only mildly annoying for me.

I see reports of users with fully automated lighting that just goes haywire as the sensor states catch up. That would get annoying pretty fast.

Yeah, it does get annoying, though you can kind of get around it to a degree depending how you set them up (they can still work with normal switches…my daughter incessantly uses the traditional switch for her room instead of the smart switches for example, despite having smart bulbs.

It is a big reason I would love to switch all my lights and most of my switches to be local only. That’s a long term project. Wyze would be wise to set up their new color bulbs to connect through the HMS hub instead of the router directly (as well as the new switches and dimmers they are working on)…then if internet goes out, our HMS sensors would still be able to turn them on and off locally on the hub’s battery backup and local functioning capabilities. I would replace every light in my house with those bulbs and switches/dimmers if they built in that functionality to be able to still control lights even when internet goes out (but still have access to it through smart assistants, etc when internet is restored).

It will be interesting to see if the HMS hub will be capable of doing more than the home monitoring aspect. So far the V1 sense bridge, lock gateway and base station are all single purpose. Running a single hub for everything would be ideal but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. The starter kit is only $50 which means the hub cost is only a fraction of that and that may be asking a lot of the tiny hub.

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My post was accurate. In my Wyze App, during the outage, the sensors and bulbs were shoowing as connected. Yes, initially the Rules History showed nothing going on.

My Rules History is full of notifications fom my Sensor and Switches though as the day went on,
some say successful and some say failed. At no time were the triggers actually working, The Bulbs never turned on during the “outage.”

I could already control my devices via Alexa. Typically I did this by voice, just ask Alexa to turn the Bulbs on, especially those not on triggers.

I set up my trigger routines, emulating my Wyze Rules, in Alexa and they all worked fine. I then deleted the Rules from Wyze. My triggers continued to work perfectly through Alexa.

We do not understand the way the Wyze App listens to devices, nor how those Events are tracked and responded to. Alexa and Wyze can both hear an event, and respond independently. Not seeing an Event logged does not mean the device did not report the event. We can not assume that an Event must be seen in a log for a listener to know it happened. Keep in mind, Rules History only shows entries related to trigger Rules. Our devices create events regardless of their being a Rule for a trigger.

Interesting that it works for you and not for us. I tried setting mine up to run through Alexa and it makes no difference. Alexa gets no input from my Wyze sensors during the outage, but other devices work fine. I wonder why yours are functioning differently.

Do you have the Wyze Skill activated? With it on, every time I add a device to Wyze, the Alexa App automatically recognizes the device. Just checking down the steps I take. Outside of Amazon devices, I find the best integration requires making sure I use and link to each manufacturers Skill.

I definitely removed all triggers from the Wyze App.

Yes, I have the Wyze skill activated and Alexa automatically recognizes all my devices and can normally tell me when sensors are open or shut or detect motion, etc (besides all the stuff I do with cams), and while all other devices are working during this outage, the Wyze sense devices won’t work on Alexa, despite normally working.

I just tried removing the triggers from the Wyze app rules, and that didn’t make a difference either. I just checked the sensor history, and the last function sensor log for me was 12/18/20 10:03pm MST for one of my cats using the kitty door. :slight_smile: Nothing has worked since then and won’t work in Wyze or Alexa for me. It really is interesting that it does for you.

My Sensor and Switches did start showing in the Rules History towards the middle of the 19th, and had been consistently until I removed the Rules. The triggers were just not working.

So, the underlying issue is for some reason, your and a few other persons devices are not generating Events.

One thing I do not see discussed. Restart your cell phone? How about logging out of the App and see if logging back in helps? Maybe clear cache as well? If you are more adventurous, uninstall the Wyze App and reinstall it?

Actually, I just tried rebooting my camera with the bridge in it and everything is back up and working normal again through Wyze rules directly.

I should’ve tried that a long time ago, but figured I’d see someone announce the issue was fixed… Well, it appears to be fixed… After a reboot now.

Yes, I did the reset/reboot yesterday for the Bridge.

Since this has happened several times, I am sticking with using Alexa for my triggers.

Unfortunately the Bridge problem seems to recycle itself.