Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

Hope that wyze will release a firmware update which will let wyze motion sensor trigger Alexa routines. I believe echo’s Contact and motion sensor API can be used to do the integration
This will extend the wyze features by allowing Alexa users create routines when wyze cam motion sensor detects motion… like announce if motion is detected by the wyze cam

Allow Alexa to discover camera motion detection and trigger an Alexa Routine. When setting up a routine the camera currently doesn’t show up as a device. A classic example would be when motion is detected, turn on lights in order to get a better quality video. I think if you’re geeky enough it can be done with IFTTT but that’s so very cumbersome. please just make it a native part of the Alexa skill.


I thought the same thing would be excellent


If wyze can trigger Alexa routines , Alexa can even announce if any motion is detected by the camera !


Allow motion tagging to act as a trigger through Alexa to turn on or off lights


It would be great if the new Wyze Sense Motion and Contact Sensors could be integrated into Alexa to allow them to trigger Alexa Routines.


We have a solar powered WyzeCam at our security gate 1/4 mile from house. Would like motion on Wyzecam to trigger Alexa routines that turn several outside lights on and announce “Gate Opened” on all Echo Dots in house. I have not committed to replacing all my cameras with Wyzecam’s because this is a critical feature.

If the new Wyze Sensors can trigger Alexa routines that would be acceptable as well.


I would like the same type of trigger for Alexa routines with the Wyze Camera


This is an important feature because IFTTT has unacceptable latency for many purposes. If I use it to turn on the light over the stairs when a Sense Motion Detector is triggered, I’m most of the way down them before it goes on.



This is a must have. IFTTT is garbage because there is too much of a delay, you can only trigger one thing per applet and you can’t set any parameters such as between 1:00 am and 6:00 am. Adding Alexa routine capabilities would allow me to control all of my smart products with the motion sensors and contact sensors. As it is right now, there really is no reason for me to buy more because of the limited uses. However with Alexa Routine triggers, I would definitely buy contact sensors for all of my windows and at least 2-3 more motion sensors to further automate my smart products. I would love to have my ceiling fan turn on automatically if I open my master Bedroom windows and turn off when I close them. I would also love Alexa to tell me if my garage door is open when I use the “good night” routine.


I would love to be able to trigger Alexa events with motion sense light on off etc.


Or Android Home Routines!
I have both!

Alexa as a door chime/ alarm for wyze sense


Reffering to wyze bridge with contact / motion sensor. Whenever contact sensor or motion is detected ,alexa would call out. Front door backdoor or whatever name the sensor has.


When I first ordered the Wyze Cam 2, I was under the impression that Amazon Alexa could use triggers from it, from the alerts, to activate other devices through routines. So if movement detected then turn on porch lights. It doesn’t work that way. I actually really need these features.

I have Samsung Smartthings Hub and Amazon Alexa 1rs, 2nd, and 3rd gen Echos.

Can we add this please? I really need these features. I thought the motion kit would do it too but it doesn’t.


I totally agree with all the above comments. I can’t believe this isn’t the number one request for Wyze. Wyze sense is a bit of a let down without this feature. It would make them so versatile to make this simple change. I’ll wait to buy more or recommend them to others until this is changed. Wyze is such an awesome innovative startup company, I’m sure they’ll fix this.


My concern is that they’ll avoid providing Alexa routine integration in favor of pushing their own new smart bulbs. Then I’d have to give up of Wyze, because I’m not throwing out the Hue’s all over my house just to downgrade them to non-color bulbs.

Wyze, if you’re reading this, do the right thing: provide Alexa integration. Don’t try to trap us into your ecosystem. It won’t work: we’ll run away.


Yes Please! The delay dispels the Magic of the Sensor.

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When their is motion detected in a room I want Alexa to make a ding.