Samsung Smartthings Motion Sensor support for camera

Background: I have half a dozen Samsung Smartthings motion sensors already in play. I extensively use Alexa Routines to turn stuff on and off. I have a few of the Wyze V2 cameras setup. I have a Samsung motion sensor triggering an Alexa routine to turn a colored wifi light on in my living room. I also want to be able to trigger recordings on my Wyze cameras with the same event(s). So far, I’ve not be able to get Wyze cameras to engage or record via Alexa routines. Sure, sure, I can bring them up on a ipad or Alexa Show, and Google home hub, so I know they are supported.

  1. Do Wyze cameras support Alexa routines? Looks like no. If not, when?
  2. Do Wyze cameras support indirectly Samsung motion sensors? If not, when?
  3. Where are can I find the guidance to configure an Alexa routine to be trigger a Wyze cam by a Samsung motion sensor?
  4. Must I purchase Wyze motion sensor to use with Wyze cameras?
  5. If I buy Wyze motion sensors to use with Wyze cameras, will I be able to configure them with Alexa routines? If not, when?
  6. Goal: I want to be able to use motion sensors to start Wyze recording to SD and stop after time trigger - ranging from 1-3 minutes. And still trigger my own colored LEDs in the house.
  1. Yes, for example I have Alexa announce the mail is here when the Wyze contact sensor on my mailbox is tripped.
  2. No, I don’t thing so
  3. I’m not sure there is instructions for Wyze/Samsung, but going through Alexa routine setup might tell you if it’s possible.
  4. Yes, as far as I know, only Wyze sensors are compatible with Wyze cameras. You would need a Wyze Sense starter kit with the bridge that plugs into one of your cameras. Once you have that you can add additional contact and motion sensors.
  5. yes, See number 1
  6. Should be fine with Wyze Sense and Alexa routines

This all depends on how indirectly you are willing to go, you would have to go through IFTTT but you can achieve a few things by doing it that way, that is what I do

Thanks for the helpful answer Jason, but no I don’t want to cloud what I am doing with IFTTT while I can avoid it. I would go the Wyze motion sensor route if I must. I am trying to avoid dealing with two manufacturers of sensor if I can. Hence my questions before I buy more stuff. I want to buy the right stuff.
I’ve not seen enough that tells me that Wyze sensors are Alexa routine compatible yet or also.

  1. Good info. Thanks. First hand knowledge/experience is “the BEST”.
  2. I hope Wyze team will help me with this one. Or tell me when? I bet that they can.
  3. Right now, when I try to add my Wyze camera to a routine, its grey out in the “not supported devices that my Alexa sees”.
  4. Are Wyze sensors compatible with Alexa where once added to my network, I an use them like/in place of Samsung’s?
  5. Got it. Good news. Thanks.
  6. I should have been more detailed. Can I depend on Wyze sensors to trigger my Sonoff wifi switches,

It should control your Sonoff switches, I don’t have any of those so I can’t be sure. All my Wyze sensors and I think even my new door lock show up as devices under Alexa under the Name I gave them in the Wyze app. I can use any of the Wyze sensors to trigger any of the other devices, including smart bulbs that also show up in Alexa devices…

Ray, thanks. Good info.
Don’t the Wyze team visit this forum to answer questions too?

They answer occasionally, but this is primarily a user forum. WyzeGwendolyn is a Wyze employee and monitors the forum and is also very helpful. But mostly we’re all users here.

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