Triggering room light with motion

I’ve just bought a house and am beginning to make it smart. I went with Wyze cams and am happy so far. I would like to add motion-activated light in an entry room and stay within the wyze ecosystem if possible. In the past, I have used smart switches with integrated motion sensors, such as from Kasa.

I see there is a motion sensor, which I assume could be used to trigger a smart switch. However I also see that it requires the hub, which is not available for purchase? I do not need 24/7home monitoring and so therefore don’t want to pay for it every month.

All suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.

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The question is how you want to trigger the motion and how you want to action the lights… And thru which platform, Wyze Rules or Alexa Routines.

Trigger by Cam Motion Detection. Not available as a trigger in Alexa Routines. However Person Detection is when assigned to a Cam Plus subscription.

Trigger by Wyze Sense Motion Sensor V2 - Yes, it does require the hub. No, it cannot be purchased individually. It can only be purchased from Wyze in conjunction with a subscription or as part of the starter kit from online or box stores. Best option is to order the hub and sensors with a monthly subscription and then cancel it before the first month ends. Available as an Alexa Routine Trigger.

Trigger by Alexa compatible Motion Sensor thru Routine

Action a Wyze Bulb, available as action in Alexa

Action a Wyze Switch, available as action in Alexa

Action an Alexa Compatible Bulb

Action an Alexa Compatible Switch

Thanks for your response! For clarification, is there any way to use the Wyze app (or another free ITTT app) so that the motion sensor triggers a smart bulb? I don’t have/want to use Alexa.

The sensor would be my preferred solution. Currently, the light is in a laundry/mud room at the rear entrance of my home, and the switch that controls it is around the corner in a different room. So entering the house at night requires a lot of fumbling around in the dark or leaving the light on. Additionally, that switch is wired to more than just the light. So, I would ideally separate those two lights from the one switch, place a motion sensor in the room, and trigger the light that way.

Thanks again!

The Wyze Sense Motion Sensor V2 is also compatible with IFTTT. I do not use Google Home for Routines so I am not sure about that. Apple also has a smart home option as does Home Assistant.

Regardless, to keep it to just a Wyze Rule, both the motion sensor and the bulb needs to be Wyze. If you use any other brand as a trigger or an action device, you are going to need to go thru a third party platform to communicate between the two.

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Ok perfect, that’s what I needed to know. I’ll order the subscription, hub, the smart bulb, and some sensors to play around with.

Thanks again for your help!

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Any time! Just pop back into the forum if you have any questions at all. Most all the Mavens have the HMS system and are very experienced at integrating sensors into their Home Automation systems. I have had mine since it was released and have the Contact, Motion, Climate, and Leak Sensors integrated. Good Luck!