Turn on Lights with Wyze CAM motions detection?


I am not sure if this is possible or not but I have 4 Wyze CAM V2.0 in my home and they all are inside the house. i have Alexa enabled devices such as smart bulbs and plugs but none are wyze brand because I buy mine on sale and in between ALexa and Smart life app everything works with voice command, but I am discovering the power of motions and wyze has all it motions sold out. out of stock so I wonder if someone was able to get Wyze cam to turn on and off the light when the motion was detected or person was detected

Lights are:

Plugs are:

P.S I have Google Home Mini and Google Nest WiFi with Point so I could use Wyze with Google as well if I need to. but my entire home is Amzon Echo Shope just FYI

Please advise

Have you tried using IFTTT? This might be the solution:

Looking into the Demo now but i am still not sure how IFTTT will detect the camera then trun the light on if they are in different apps or amazon alexa or google

I dont find any IFTTT for Gosund and Smart life nor for any other applications
How would wyze camera can work with IFTTT if light bubls and other devices are not in wyze app ? i guess i am having hard time understanding how to connect them all together

Then you may not be able to turn on the lights when your camera detects motion. You can only use motion sensors as triggers in the Alexa app so that wouldn’t be an option. I think the only solution would be to get the Wyze motion sensors.

Yeah I think so i will have to wait until Wyze motion sensors are available on sale as of right now they are out of stock :cry:

Are Wyze Motion Sensors available and usable without a subscription to Home Monitoring?

I’ve been experimenting with Triggers in the Wyze App for the first time, and I currently have my Video Doorbell camera triggering a Wyze Light Strip to turn Red upon detecting Motion. It the turns off one minute later.

Continuing my experiment, I have a WCO cam on my desk (before I put them back outside), that is currently triggering that same Light Strip to turn on to Blue when it senses motion and then turns off one minute later.

I plan on purchasing a Wyze Bulb Color 4 pack, and placing them in a Ceiling Fan light fixture at the center of the house (stupid placement of this ceiling fan with four lights was my thought when we bought this house) but now I’ll have it house four Wyze Bulb Color lights, and trigger one of the four based on motion sensed at that side of the house (we have lots of wildlife that frequents the property)

I wish there was a way to Flash the light, rather than turn it on, then turn it off 1 minute later. (I could see this being a feature that hard of hearing or deaf folks might able to utilize, or in the case of folks who have pets that they don’t want to trigger with a doorbell?)


Person detection is a trigger option in Alexa routines for Wyze cameras. Only thing is you either need CamPlus or Legacy Person Detection for it to work.

Yes, They work similar to the V1 sensors. You’ll be able to use them for automations in Wyze app as well as connecting them to Amazon, Google and IFTTT. The V2 sensors do require the V2 sensor hub to work.
If you don’t have the hub, it is included with the core starter kit. The kit includes the hub, 1 motion sensor, 2 contact sensors, and one HMS keypad. The kit can be purchased here:

Take a look at this #wishlist item: