Wyze Camera Events and Alexa Routines

I have a couple Wyze Outdoor cameras installed in my back yard… I just installed some TP-Link smart switches for my outside lights. I set up my Alexa so I can I can turn them on & off with voice commands or the Alexa app and have set up Alexa routines to turn them on at motion detect events from my front door Ring doorbell camera. That works fine but I’d like to do the same thing with motion events from my Outdoor cams in the back yard.

I tried to set up an Alexa routine to turn on the back yard outside lights when the Outdoor camera detects motion. When I try to set up a routine Alexa tells me I need Cam+ to detect people. I don’t care about people detection, i just want it to trigger on any motion.

I have the Wyze app linked to the Alexa app and Alexa knows about the cameras but I’m thinking that Wyze will not send camera motion events from them to Alexa.

Is there any way to do this or am i SOL?

Any suggestion/ideas will be appreciated.

Welcome to the Wyze community @markAZ!
Currently, you can only trigger Alexa routines with Wyze cameras using person detection. Instead, you can use IFTTT to run this automation. TPLink works with IFTTT too so you may be able to connect Wyze to TPLink directly.
Here’s some instructions on IFTTT:

Thanks for the quick response. On a quick look I think IFTTT may well
handle it. Thanks for the pointer.

Too bad (and kind of disappointing) that WYSE won’t pass more events to


Just so you know…IFTTT costs if you need more than 3 applets. Pro level is $3.99/month.

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