Alexa Routine

Has anyone found a way to integrate the Outdoor Wyze Camera, with the base station, into an Alexa routine? I have several Wyze cameras, that I use IFTTT for creating a routine. The one I cannot create a routine for is this single outdoor base station camera. Any thoughts?

What routine are you trying to make? Do you have camplus in this WCO?and to confirm, are you trying to make an ifttt applet or an amazon alexa routine?

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I just checked my Side Yard Cam, which is a WCO, and I can setup a routine when a person is detected.

As asked by @Omgitstony , what kind of routine are you looking for?


I want to setup a routine thru Alexa, to arm the camera when I leave the house. When I say Alexa “Guard away” I can link all my other Wyze cameras through IFTTT to turn on the cameras. The outdoor camera does not show up as an available camera.

Yes, you are correct. They do not show up. Maybe they will later. We don’t know. I want to also.