Wyze cam and Alexa

Wyze takes the decision to disable Alexa integration unless you have a Cam Plus plan. This speak very bad for the company. I’m not going to pay for a plan and I look forward for another cam.
By the way are you going to disable IFTTT also?

Currently, the only feature that requires Cam Plus is person detection announcements. Cam Plus isn’t required for any other Google, Amazon, or IFTTT integrations/features.
Have you tried re-linking Wyze with Amazon Alexa? More information here:

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No it did not. Nothing has changed. Camera viewing works with Alexa as it always has. Rules work as they always have. Legacy person detection (if you have it) announcements and routines work as they always have. All without CamPlus.

So what are you talking about?


Yes I tried several times and result is the same. I just want a routine to detect motion as a trigger but I can’t

Ricardo Nieto

Trying to add a routine I receive this screen. This is what I’m taking about

Ricardo Nieto

Okay. Again, this isn’t a change. Alexa person detection support and routines have always relied on either (a) legacy Wyze person detection or (b) CamPlus / AI.

And unfortunately, as far as I know, there is NO support for general motion detection triggering to Alexa - only person detection triggering.

Nothing has changed. How were you able to do this previously?

A couple of month ago I was able to create an Alexa routine that trigger my rachio sprinkler when a camera detect motion. I did it and it worked. Now I’m not able to choose a general motion or a person motion when trying to create the same routine, just person motion

Ricardo Nieto

Strange, I’ve never seen that ability present (non-person Alexa triggers), except for people using a physical motion sensor module.

In fact it’s still on the wishlist.

i used to be able to show my cam’s on alexa show device. but today when an event happens, the echo screen says waiting on wyze but the screen goes back to main screen, nothing is showing anymore, even my new pan cam v2 isn’t working, it has cam plus also