Alexa Routines Not working

According to this web page:|+Cam+Plus+(Free+Trial+Flow)+-+GROUP+A

I should be able to use motion / person / car detection as a triggers with Alexa. But when I do step 5 it says “Error” “this device not supported”.

Do you have camplus on the camera you are trying to create the routine for? What camera are you setting up the routine for?

That webpage and the routine setup only mention “person detection”. Person detection is not vehicle detection or regular motion detection. Wyze cloud ai tagging is all of the above, but saying “person detection” is not for all of the tagging, just tagging people.

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Yes I have cam plus on all my cameras. And I have Version 3 cams.

Do you have the “Wyze Skill” enabled in Alexa already? if you do, id suggest unlinking and relinking it up, If you don’t, Id suggest installing it.

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I do have it installed.

So I removed and re-added.
I take it that it works for you.

So now I am wondering if it is somehow country limited?

Normally if a skill is not working in Canada we just can’t add it. But the fact I can add it appears like it should work.

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I watch the “Automate Your Life” YT videos. In several of his, he comments how Canada Amazon customers can’t use some features. I believe that’s your issue. There’s a work around that he has used. He changes his country in his Amazon account to U.S., logs out and back in.


I am now starting to think the problem is that the Person Detection with Alexa Routines is only something you can do on the doorbell and not on the Wyze Cam V3.

But the answers I am getting from Wyze support aren’t making a lot of sense to me. They said I don’t have a person detection licence but I do have a cam plus licence?!?

Not making any sense to me unless another type of licence other than Cam Plus exists.

It is definitely a problem in Canada. I have placed a ticket in November 2020 with Wyze and another one recently, but I don’t think enough people are reporting the issue for them to spend any time on fixing it for Canadians :frowning:
If you have the same issue - please place a ticket with them.

Two different things. Person Detection is a legacy product available for users who had V1 and V2 Cams and elected to “pay what you want” for the service which was included originally for free. It is the precursor of CamPlus.

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I have the same problem. Wyze could not help me after many iterations. Even tried different support tickets. It is like they don’t even know it is a problem. It is a shame they haven’t made the effort to correct this. I’m disappointed as i have 5 cams all with cam plus and 3 echo shows. :confused:

Hey Wyze engineers, when will you make this work for Canadians?

How about some support for Canada? We’re paying the same subscription fees but are locked out from a lot of features… how does that make sense?

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Was it working before? I am not familiar. Have you been able to run routines before with a Canada account?

(I have a suggestion. Create a new account on Amazon and assign the country as USA for your routines. Be sure to set the Wyze skill to use this account. Or, change you current Canada account to USA, and change nothing. You can always create a new Amazon account for your Canadian Amazon purchases.)

Routines never worked and have been reported for years to Wyze.
I don’t even want to think about what’ll break in the Amazon ecosystem locally for us if we change the country.
I will end up switching away from Wyze for the devices and subscriptions when I get that annoyed.