Wyze Skill in Amazon Alexa App not working

For the last month, the Amazon Alexa Wyze Skill has stopped working for setting new and editing existing routines with my Wyze cameras. I have used the Wyze skill in the past and have a few routines set up through Alexa (i.e. turning on lights when motion is detected. ) Those continue to work, though I am unable to edit them. In any attempt to modify any existing routine, the message appears: “Please update your Cloud Cam Subscription to enable this routine”. However, all subscriptions are up to date. I am also unable to set up new routines. When attempting to set up a new routine, when (Cam Plus Pro v3 Camera) a camera is chosen, nothing happens (the app locks up on a blank screen). I thought maybe it was because of the person detection settings, However, in the Amazon Alexa settings for the camera, a note indicates that “Person detection is currentlv disabled. Please check our Wvze app to learn more.” However, in the Wyze app, the camera is showing with an active Cam Plus Pro license, event recording is turned on and person detection is activated. Again. all subscriptions are up to date. The Wyze skill has been developed by Wyze Labs, Inc. so I am suggesting that it is a Wyze problem. Many users have posted within the (Amazon Alexa App) skills itself indicating the same problem. Somewhere in March the skill stopped working…perhaps coinciding with Wyze update?

The Amazon Alexa App is up to date.
My Cam Plus Pro subscriptions are active until 2023
The cameras I am working with are the Wyze Cam v3, all with the latest firmware.
I have disabled and enabled the Wyze Skill within the Amazon Alexa app many times. I have used different vehicles (i.e. both iPad and iPhone) to attempt to set up new, or modify existing routines.
I can provide screen shots of current settings with problems highlighted if desired.


This issue has been previously reported to Wyze and has been confirmed as a problem. No info yet from Wyze or Amazon as to who owns the glitch. Forum Maven @R.Good has been instrumental in getting this flagged and elevated to Wyze Developers for resolution.

Here is the latest word from Wyze (5\9\22) on progress toward resolution:

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Thank you. I had searched the forums unsuccessfully for this topic. Hope it gets resolved soon.


Having the same issue, hope they would sort it out soon.

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The only thing Alexa can do with a Wyze Cam is announce “person detected on X camera” You can not write any routines such as when a person a is detected, turn on porch light. Apparently it used to do this until about mid-April. When you start looking into Amazon reviews you will notice Wyze products and Alexa started having issues almost 2 yrs ago. Reading between the lines, it appears Amazon was quick to respond to Wyze, Wyze was slow to respond to Amazon and to Amazon customers and Wyze is now in the dog house with Amazon.

I looked into IFTTT but I didn’t find it to be the most useful or straight forward. The amount of time it will take me to do anything with it, I can set up Home Assistant. The only issue with Home Assistant, it requires a dedicated processor and/or dedicated storage or a cloud. If you have a computer that never leaves your home, it is the way to fly. If I have to spend time to learn something, once and done and I won’t have to waste time with this nonsense anymore.

Wyze delivers a fine camera and a fair price for the cloud but their IT sucks and if people can’t integrate their products into standard home products there is zero point of buying any more of their products.

FIX the SKILL. Enough with the we’re working on it thing.

Two weeks later, nothing.

Perhaps the upcoming Alexa App update will address all the skill and routine problems.

Looks like this one is on Amazon’s shoulders.

Repeated times their support claims it’s wyze’s issue to fix. It’s been months.

Ah yes, the difference between responsibility and accountability.

Easier to point at the other.

Circle the date. Only time will tell.

Aaaand, just now a new alexa app update (ON ios, not yet on fire tablets, lol, their own device)… and it’s FIXED! Amazon support was lying. In the last 2 months they’ve lied a few times to me.

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This just started happening to me, this wknd.

No longer sure, what’s going on here or there.

Checked for Alexa updates (Android) and did not see any.
Thought it was linked to my ISP’s breakdown n poor service skills.

Now I am reading it’s Amz ?

I am Disappointed, no matter the who, what, where, when or how.

“Another fine mess, I’ve gotten into” - Stan & Ollie

Any update on Wyze still not working with Alexa ?

There haven’t been any major improvements in routine triggers or actions that I have seen, but my Wyze devices have been working as they always have with Alexa routines.

I would speculate that Alexa integration isn’t going to get much better with the recent mass layoff of Alexa staff @ Amazon.

I tried to set up a v2 camera to display on my Fire Stick with the Alexa Skill. Nothing worked. I am VERY disappointed with Wyze because I love all of their other products.

I am streaming my V3, VDBv1, and CamPanV1 on Fire Stick 4K. Not sure about the V2 as I don’t have one of those. Had the V3Pro streaming before, but is has been problematic lately.

All cams have to be added as devices in the Alexa App before they will stream.

What method are you using to order them up on the Fire Stick? Are you having issues with other cams or just the V2?