ALEXA SKILL: "Person detection is currently disabled. Please check your Wyze app to learn more."

I have about ten Wyze cams. I had three cameras on the Cam Plus Free License trial about to expire and then purchased the Cam Plus Annual Plan (Web) for all Wyze cameras. Now my Wyze devices in Alexa are producing the error. Prior to this, all Wyze cameras functioned perfectly within the Alexa app and my Amazon Echo device, and both could automatically be triggered to announce when a person has been detected. I’ve assigned the Cam Plus Annual license to each camera, and now have roughly 90 unused licenses left as proof. What’s the trick to reenabling the person detection, and why does subscribing for a paid license break the person detection within Alexa? I can view the live feeds of the cam within the Alexa app and announcements for person detection remain active. To see the error, open the Alexa app, go to All Devices in settings, select any Wyze cam. Under Person Detection Announcements, the following error will display: Person detection is currently disabled. Please check your Wyze app to learn more."

Checked mine, and all is working fine… Went outside, and got three person detects, from three cameras… It does not appear to be a Wyze server issue

RESOLUTION: I figured this out myself. Until they fix this bug, disable the Wyze Skill within Alexa, and then reenable the Wyze Skill. After reconnecting to the Wyze service, the person detection shows as no longer disabled for all cameras. You will not have to search for the devices again or reconfigure them.

I spoke too soon. They’re showing as disabled again. Something is actively refreshing the connection or disabling this property. I’ve notified the Wyze developers.

Ugh it’s working again. Hold on. It may have needed 30 minutes or so after disabling and re-enabling. I’m checking. That’s what the developers can look at.

I’m now able to re-enable the routines. It’s working. Disable the Wyze Skill in the Amazon Alexa app after purchasing Cam Plus Annual Unlimited 99 cam license, re-enable the Wyze Skill, then wait 30 minutes to an hour for the connection to update across Wyze and Amazon/Alexa. That seems to be the fix. Thanks!

They have been working all along here… No need to re/dis enable.

You have to buy CAM PLus, at least the annual plan. The error immediately revealed itself on my cams. If you enabled the skill after this, you’re going to be fine. If you don’t, you will have to disable and reenable the Wyze skill because something “breaks” the connection with the CAM Plus update. This may apply only to those early adopters who originally had access to free person detection. I do understand you aren’t having any symptoms as are most, but you and most aren’t experiencing the same series of steps and configuration that I have. This is for those who do what I did, in the order that I did it. Should they experience this same error within the Alexa app, particularly when attempting to create or modify Routines within Alexa, they’ll need to disable the Wyze Skill, re-enable the Wyze Skill, and then wait 30 minutes to an hour for the services to refresh behind the scenes.