Alexa Outdoor Cam

Can’t view outdoor camera on Alexa Show. Cam Base

Outdoor cameras do work with Alexa. Try asking Alexa to “discover devices”, then try asking to show the camera. If that doesn’t work, try disabling the Wyze skill and enabling it again. You may need to re-link your Wyze account.

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Do you see the WCO listed in the Alexa App? Only devices listed will be available. Do any other Wyze specific skills work in the Alexa App?

I had just unlinked/relinked my Wyze skill to Alexa (for a different reason) when I saw this post. I have three WOC’s and bases ranging from early test model to current production models. All three show up under Alexa/Ask Devices.
I can’t help with this thread beyond offering this info since the only Alexa devices I have are Gen3 Dots.
Just FYI -hope it helps!

I just used Amazon Dot to show my WCO on my Fire TV.

I check my Amazon Alexa App. My WCO shows a section for Announcements, to select available devices. My V2 does not present the Announcements section. I deleted the V2 and added it back, same situation. I am pretty sure I was able to use my other Dot to connect the V2 to my Fire Stick.

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