Wyze outdoor camera not compatible with Alexa Show?

When I enable the Wyze camera skill on my Amazon Alexa app, the Wyze camera is detected. When I try to use the skill by saying Show Me the Front Porch Camera, it says The camera is not responding. In the Alexa app, it says Live View from the Wyze camera is not supported. So, are they compatible or not?

You did not add - in your query here, where you are expecting Alexa to display the image from the camera. In other words, what’s is suppose to show you the picture on? what/where?

I encourage you to create an Alexa routine that directs the camera to display on an Alexa Show device or using a Fire TV stick and display on a TV. The just execute/run the routine. Its a good test tool too.


The Alexa app can display some of the cameras but not all. I believe the Echo Show type devices, fire tablets and others can display all of them.

The Alexa Show is a video device, so I was wanting to show what the camera is seeing on the video screen of the Alexa Show. The Alexa App says all I have to do, once I enable the Wyze skill, is to say "Alexa, show me the [camera name]. only Alexa keeps saying “Waiting for Wyze” and then after a timeout, says “Wyze camera did not respond.” I’ve enabled, disabled, re-enabled the Wyze skill and still no luck. So, what am I doing wrong? Or is it not possible to do what I’m trying to do?

Sam_Bam–you’re way over my knowledge level with suggesting I create a routine. If you’d like to be a little more specific with your suggestion, that would be appreciated.

Yes, I can see the camera feed in the Alexa app, but I’d like to see it on the screen of the Alexa Show like the Alexa app says I should be able to do. Unless I can’t. That’s what I’m trying to clear up.

You should be able to do do this, something isn’t working right,
You could try disabling and enabling the Wyze skill.

@TigerMO, check out Youtube for help on creating Routines. There’s dozens of videos from knowledgeable, patient teacher-type people. They can do a much better job than I. Routines are just stacks/lists of Alexa/Wyze related commands or actions that run sequentially when commanded of Alexa. Easy to do once you have done one or two.

Many of the videos not only guide you but also give you examples you can create in your app/account.