Not all Wyze cameras are able to be seen on Amazon device

I have a mixture of Outdoor and Indoor cameras. I have Enabled the Amazon Alexa Skill.
Not all of the cameras are able to be seen on my Alexa devices.
I can see ALL of the cameras on my Smartphone app.
When I try to see the camera on my Alexa Show it says " Sorry, (camera name) is not responding.

What is wrong and how to I fix it?

Thank you

It’s a very common problem and I don’t know how to fix it. It mostly doesn’t work from the Alexa app, although it should work on Echo Shows and FireTVs via the spoken “show me” command.

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The ability to view cameras on Alexa devices seems to come and go without any real reason. At the moment most of mine say unsupported for viewing though just a few days ago all were working.